This brand is literally taking it! In the intro of their virtual fashion show entry for the Philippines first International Virtual Modest Fashion Show, Nors Studio escorted all of us into a visual ride into a sky adorned with white clouds, with light illuminating every corners of our screens.

What is the take of the “NEW YOU?” for Nors Studio? Simply put, it shows the brand’s awareness, being responsible and caring for the planet we live in. It’s not a new take on fashion, but it’s definitely a new brand to give us more alternatives to be fashionably conscious.

The brand was founded in May of this year (2021), by the 22- year old Indonesian Hanafiah Noor Esa. The collection was her debut meant for her first international fashion show appearance, which right away showcase her brand’s distinct identity. For a very fresh brand like hers, it did not shy away from giving a spectacular show.

The looks range from overalls to cloaks, matching sets and funky jackets with elements arranged neatly in hues of palest blue, white and black. It’s not complicated to become a New You, thanks to Nors Studio! Wink 😉

The two sets of black and white motif set a beautiful contrast. Clean lines with minimal modern elements are Hana’s forte and she successfully gives those pieces the funky feel.

This promising brand is exciting us! We can’t wait to see more from her.


Check out Nors Studio in the socials and see her International Virtual Fashion Show appearance here.

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