MFDP is proud to announce one of its legacy in the making- the MFDP Fund. This is the newest brainchild of MFDP platform.

The wars, natural calamities, and the advent of the pandemic last year affected many communities. Some of the people we met along this journey (when we started this platform last year) told us heart breaking stories about how they have lost their livelihoods because of the aforementioned. Among these people are talented artists in the field of textile- making and embroidery, tailoring, film-making, designing, sculpting, musicians and other forms of art. Some of them left their homes with only the clothes in their bodies. Some of the stories are of people who strives to preserve their heritage cultures with no one to believe them but themselves. Some are youths that do not have means to fulfill their dreams and they are losing hope for humanity. In response, we prompted to dedicated this Foundation to help them realize their dreams.


1. This Foundation aims to provide trainings, seminars, mentorship, business opportunities to underprivilege artisans and creatives worldwide.

2. It also will provide initiatives or support the preservation and revival of cultural arts and practices.

3. Open narratives about cultural and faith- based dialogues and other initiatives to promote peace and tolerance among societies though art and fashion.

MFDP Foundation will fund itself from the proceeds of its partnered brands, donations and sponsors.


“Project Elbe 1.1” is the pilot project of the foundation. We named this project after our biggest supporter and mentor Dr. Elbe Akman who has always been passionate about sharing his knowledge in the field of business and management to others. He is also an ardent advocate for world peace and interfaith initiatives. Through his guidance and mentorship we built this platform.

This project will be mainly mentored by the Award- Winning and multi-business builder, revolutionary entrepreneur himself- Dr. Elbe Akman, Mba,

Under this project we aim to provide trainings, seminars, mentorship and open doors for business opportunities to underprivilege artisans and creatives around the world. This project will prepare the individuals build their business, carry out marketing strategies, unlock their potentials and help them discover the niche market that is right for them.

There will be trainings and workshops for the creatives and artists to enhance their talents under the supervision of experts in each field.

Project Elbe 1.1 is going to be the first part of its series of many projects to come.

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