Hottest Modest Urban Styles Right Now

Are you tired of the same silhouette you wear every time? Maybe it’s about time to reshuffle and add more variety to your garment choices. We have prepared a list of the stylish, preppiest, and gorgeous modest urban-style dresses that you can start adding to your cart now. They are big on style but easy on the budget.

Women Long Sleeve Casual Loose Check Patchwork Maxi Dress

Sustainable and Hip

This piece is from Zanzea. This brand has become the favorite of modest fashion fans recently because of its trendy designs that are easy on the budget. Their material and output quality are excellent too.

This dress is a combination of cotton-linen material and is available from Small to 4XL size. It has a nice drape detail on the front with a huge pocket on both sides. It has a roll-over sleeves that you can adjust according to the length you prefer.


Comfy Origami

The feature of this dress is centered on the the sleeves which bears the origami detailing and goes flawlessly into a lantern shape towards the wrist. If you like a modern minimalist style without being too boring, this dress is the one you are looking for.

The dress has a button detail with a ruched slightly curved waist. It is so baggy that feels so airy and comfortable. It is perfect for this hot weather because it is made cotton.


Boho Chic

What we love about this dress is its comfortable and easy style. You can wear it as is or pair it with jeans. Or wear it over your favorite catsuit. The style is so versatile. You can add a belt to make it more dressy, if you wish.

The material also plays an important factor. It is those type of material that flows and is very light on the body. We like the hoodie accent too. And it has pockets.


Puffy Doll

This dress is simple yet elegant. If you know how to style it, you will hit a jackpot owning this dress. The style is versatile and can be worn in a casual setting or corporate affair. If you wear a nice slim belt with it, paired with accessories, then you are ready for a formal event. Wear it as-is with a straw hat, for casual days and look elegant.


Assymetric Beauty

If you are worried about your extra handles and pounds, this dress will create a leaner silhouette for you. The slender cut, spliced detail and the slits on the side with buttons do magic. They create an illusion of a straigh line.

The material is comfortable too. It may be hotter on summer days, but if you are okay with polyester, this dress is worth it. It’s not thick and warm like a knitted. It is actually thinner, so don’t worry.


Faux Denim

Striped button-down maxi dress that looks like stonewashed denim but is lightweight and comfortable. It has a ruched sweetheart detail and a lovely relaxed fit that you wouldn’t need to worry about it hugging your curves. Plus side pockets too. Pair it with your fave leggings or denim or wear it as a cloak.


Forever Young

Yup, it’s one of those dresses that will remind you of your teens. It is so versatile that you can wear it on top of something, plain or colorful. Or wear it underneath a cropped jacket or a cardigan. You can style with some colorful scarf or ruffle neckties. It is roomy and the materials are so comfy that you wouldn’t feel the heat of the season.


Simple Yet Elegant

A timeless dress design- no-frills, just straightforward elegance. This dress has that “feels”. You can wear it to a corporate party, or to a mid-day date with your bestie, wear it to shopping or to a stroll on the beach. All you need is the perfect accesorries to go with.

The dress has a slimming effect because of its slim silhouette and the vertical cut in the middle. The sleeves can be worn full length or rolled up depending on the occasion. So if you are looking for one that will make you look half your size, this is definitely the style.


Mellow Hi-Low

This dress is super cute! It has more than one detail. A drop ruched neckline, lantern sleeves, and a high-low hemline that reminisces the Am-boy style of the 80’s. On top of that, it has multiple pleats accent near the hems. It is a comfy style that you can wear with a legging or jeans. Wear it with high heels to elevate the style.


Over Comfy-Tent

If you are looking for a comfortable style that you can take anywhere, especially during hot seasons, a tent dress is a must-pick. It provides you that comfort because it’s airy, like this dress. It is made of comfortable material that let’s airflow. It has wide long sleeves that can be adjusted to your preferred length.

The neck has a tassel-end tie accent that you can lace together so you’ll get a rounded neckline and a dangling tassel down. Or let loose to get that V-neck look. Of course, you can elevate the style with your favorite accessory or wear it on top of a U-tard to get a layered look.


Which one is your fav? I’m sure you picked one already. Make sure you tune in to our social media accounts to get news of the latest Style Tips.

Fulfilling Destiny

For years, I have been trying hard to pursue a different career and took designing only as a temporary station never realizing that it was actually what I was destined for. I did not imagine myself working as a fashion designer for all my life but I ended up working from one design field to another because I enjoy learning and understanding the art and business of designing along the way. But when I come to think of it, how I became I designer was unexpected. And then my business mentor opened my eyes to the fact that I was an entrepreneur all along. After that long process, I have to accept now that this is my destiny.”

A self- taught artist, Iman’s prowess in the arts of illustration was observed by a classmate (from the Computer School) whose aunt is a fashion designer and owns a fashion house in New York. Initially hired as an illustrator, the company saw her potentials in fashion designing, so she was trained to become a fashion designer and with the help of books, actual workshop and mentorship, Iman was able to grasp the business and art of fashion in no time.

“I was of fond drawing/sketching since I was a kid, although I never had a formal training but I found the job easy. I enjoyed the learning process the most. For me designing is not just an art, its also science. Actually, it involves a lot of analysis, like how material works for a certain structure/ silhouette, what mould would fit perfectly for a body type, balancing elements and textures, studying and understanding how the customer feels and their psychology; aside from the joy of seeing the development of a product, is what interests me more than drawing designs.”

Read about this inspiring story about resilience, hope and fulfilling one’s destiny, here

Fatima; Fashionista Nurse from Zamboanga

photo by Fatima

A nurse by profession, this Zamboanga (Philippines) native is taking baby steps into fulfilling her love of fashion since she was 5 years old.

Fatima Zyra Mannan is a modest fashion enthusiast. She owns a clothing shop called Urban Modesty Ph which sells modern but modest dresses online. She vowed that she would fulfil her dreams to become a fashion designer one day and is on the way to start studying fashion design in Indonesia once the pandemic restrictions eases.

She admits that she felt blessed having to witness the change of attitude of the fashion world towards modest fashion. It allows modest women to have more variety of styles to wear and wearing modest outfits in public is becoming common and fashionable thing compared to the decade that past where modesty, especially hijab, was frowned upon.

Fatima shows off her brands’ fashionable dresses on social media to encourage girls to have more courage to wear hijab and modern style while staying modest.

She is inclined to fashion influencers like Neelofa, Vivy Yusof, Sharifahrose as among some of her favorites. The girlish styles, daily casuals look is a style that she is more drawn into.

She hopes that the local brands and designers will slowly adapt to the modest fashion movement elsewhere.

“Local brands have at least made the effort to add up modest clothings in their monthly collection but I still can say not all, but few. And smalls steps like that in a Christian- dominated country helps.. love how open minded this local brands especially the designers. I am yearning for more in the coming years”

The success and growing acceptance of modest fashion would not have been possible if not because of influencers like Fatima. Their courageous efforts and diligence despite being criticized by conservatives from their own had made it easy for majority of modest women everywhere freedom to embrace their true identity.