1st International Virtual Fashion Show


Breaking Stereotypes of Covered Women in Germany

Muslim women are tolerated in Germany but following a religion and wearing a hijab is not. This influencer is inspiring us how to stay sassy amidst some challenges.

Meet Elisa.

This Moro Designer Is Giving Street Fashion a Modest Cut

As modest fashion in the Philippines has started to take shape, brands that cater to this market have also started coming up and the numbers of designers just keep growing!

Meet Rania Jumdail, a fashion designer for the Gen-Z

The Tale of the Two Moro Nations

Moro X Morocco is a collaboration of two Moro nations sharing the same passion for ethnic arts and textiles in a fashion event called “WOMAN to WOMAN”.

Take a look at the beautiful collection of Hers Laha showcasing textile of her own Moro roots.