Ariana Grande’s Style Language that resonates with her gown

28th May 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

Ariana Grande’s wedding gown has many languages.

The “positions” singer has re-defined her sense of personality, love, and courage— with a simple slip-on dress. It has a sass that resonates with her diva personality, according to her music. Does a gown have many languages?

The “love language” singer has expressed many kinds of languages on her Vera Wang gown. Although the gown is not widely expressed as a ‘Vera Wang’ gown until you are fully informed that it is ‘the brand,’ there are many sleek Ariana Grande style to it. Grande’s ‘I’ line represents her curiosity of being in love with music and style and culture and all sorts. The gown is blended with personalities.

Image 1: Grande’s style before the wedding

A gown that has a shine to it.

A wedding gown is not usually like a ‘slip-on’ dress. This is an innovative piece in terms of
what a ‘wedding dress’ means.

What does a special dress symbolise?

Bridal designers have re-stated innovative ways rather than a small-waist and princess line—
kind of gown. Does it symbolise an invention just like that?

Image 2: A modest branding as fashion style

However, wedding gowns are always a traditional thing, but it is a cooler thing to be traditional- in that way. For instance, for many generations, there are marriages, and even if we all do not know it happened, there were decades of gowns that we have not heard of or that it is not historically recorded. Bridal gowns teach us time.

The time where there were a second world war, going on around the world. This might mean that conservatism is happening, and it will be soon enough, for sure, when someone ‘like’ Grande gets married, with a white-coloured gown—yes, she goes traditional in that sense. Grande has proven that there is nothing wrong with a hint of traditional touch to her own branding. To the way she poses her pictures, the Vera Wang gang resonates her presence. It is ‘just’
Grande who is modelling the Vera Wang—probably not the other way around. This makes a difference to perspective.

We all know for sure on wedding gowns, your style should not change. Grande did not
choose her gown; the gown chose Grande to be worn—because it suits her. Grande’s style revolution
is constant, because of one thing: confidence and knowing what you like or dislike. During those style
revolutions, there are many languages, but it is always the same language. The language of ‘Ariana
Grande’ until the wedding day—after it, it is even better. This is how the idea of ‘style’ should be.

Style is effortlessly your language and how constant you are willing to communicate it.
Gowns are a constant reminder of the love for yourself and who you are.

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