Madam Vice-President and her style for blackness with violet coats

21 January 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

It is not washed away, as the Madam Vice-President of the United States of America has worn a bold violet statement.

The fashion designer, Christopher John Roberts is the ultimate statement, because he himself is promoting his brand in a democratic way, what a statement.

Fashion and politics to dot align, but the pieces that a woman wears itself is a statement.

How much of a statement is it?

A stylish and modest Madam Vice-President (Image courtesy of Vogue)

Fashion is a statement, let alone modest fashion. In such a day filled with patriotism, a modest fashion piece is needed for it to be symbolic and identified in a conscious way. Modest Fashion is held at this grand moment because of its grandness and symbolism. Modest Fashion is part of this celebration.

Modest Fashion is not a trend. You should not follow trends.
The modest fashion industry itself has invested in modest pieces for every first ladies, making it the
epitome of symbolism and national pride.

If the fashion is immodest, what kind of statement would you make?

Kamala Harris in Christopher John Rogers coat (Photo from CJR)

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