A “NEW BLOOD” IN modest fashion

The urban wear brand Pyukanau by Indonesian designer Putri Nur Kharisma charmed the 1st International Virtual Modest Fashion Show in the Philippines that premiered on June 30, 2021, with its unique performance.

The 22-year old designer showcased her “NEW BLOOD” in a newfangled choreography stints unconventional to the modest fashion scene yet with a heterogenous feel.

Her production features a girl with hijab and one without, and male- who all playfully exhibited her pieces in front of the camera.

This digital graffiti- print assymetrical jacket has an androgynous character, is one of the audience favourite.

“New Blood” represents the other portion of consumers of modest fashion- the Gen Z, the hypebeast, stylish and unorthodox; a generation that resents the norms of a nondescript society.

Pyukanau succesfully illustrated a new way to wear modest fashion with these pieces put together. Mid-calf skirt and oversized jacket can be worn atop a pair of tights and a pair of platform shoes.

Vibrant mesmerizing prints, oversized shirt with clean silhouettes looks so cool and feels so young!

Pyukanau’s New Blood collection featuring pieces for men. Neon jacket, red jumper cropped pants, vests, color-blocked tops and joggers

Structured raglan jacket and a jogger, which Putri expertly arranged neatly. The colors are beautifully merged into a pleasant eye-candy. Neon a dynamic color but is neutralized with grey and white and delightfully finished off with the colorful print accent.

Color- blocked tent midi shirt dresses gives an instant casual playful look.

The influence of the designer’s familiarity of the cyber culture, allowed us to traverse and connect to a world she fully understood and gave the New Blood an extraordinary experience.

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