“Being a Maranao; born in a family with Islam as our religion, wearing hijab is a crown to be  modest, as it subjects men to see women with respect and not a mere object.”

Modest fashion is a niche market but hijab styling is a niche within a niche, that is why there are not many of them out there. What makes the role of hijab stylist as important among everyone else in the modest fashion industry is that they are the finishing touch of every ensemble. After one had don their clothing and put on their make-up; especially in special occasions such as weddings, the hijab has to match the gown. Mostly gown designers do not provide the hijab styling as it is difficult to make a ready- to- wear of it. One reason is that, it needs to be a perfect fit so that it doesn’t slide off the head of the wearer and this, most of the time, is only achieved if made actual. Styling a hijab can sometimes take an hour at a minimum. This is why this is one of the craft that requires specialty.

But for Princess Jehanne, hijab styling is never too difficult.

Turban- style hijab
Feathered applique accents Princess Jehanne’s hijab styling

A registered nurse by profession of prominent Maranao descent, Princess Jehanne Masorong Mangondato- Dimaporo or Princess Jehanne is Philippine’s first hijab stylist brand. After successfully captured the internet with her stylish and intricate works of art. She juggles from being a nurse educator on the weekdays and professional hijab stylist on weekends as more women are drawn to her beautiful creations.

It all started in a relative’s weddings when her works got noticed where she playfully styled the hijabs of her cousins and aunts. Her work debuted in social media and in 2011 she was hired as a hijab stylist for one of Marawi’s elite family and from there she became the most- sought hijab stylist in all of Lanao and surrounding areas.

Draped hijab by Princess Jehanne
Intricate crumple style Turban hijab by Princess Jehanne

Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Princess Jehanne went back to Philippines where she spent most of her time with her grandmother who played a great part in her savvy for fashion. Her grandmother Julieta Ambalong- Masurong was a well- known local dressmaker and stylist who influenced Jehanne.

After becoming a registered nurse, she spent sometime as a full-time housewife and it was during these periods where her skills in hijab styling got nurtured every time there was a wedding within the family.

Princess Jehanne at work

Nowadays, Princess is almost busy every weekend when most weddings took place. But she only accept one client per day. So if you want to book Jehanne for your next special event, book in advance. Then send the final look of your gown and a long scarf made from the same material (of the gown) and let her work her magic on you. She would sew pleats, lace cut- outs, drapes, braids, or even beads and crystals in the hijab.

Apart from hijab styling, she also specializes in bridal fabric bouquet which is a trend in most Muslim weddings because of its longevity. The bouquet can be stored for ages.

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