We are an Advertising, Media and Events Production company aiming at educating and promoting the integration and diversity of modest fashion into societies globally. We exist to uncover modest fashion like never before. We are more than fashion! We are bridging nations and cultures to one language of modest fashion.

Here’s our story;

It started with a spark of an idea and a gleam of hope; chorusing the vision of one designer whose dream was to unite modest fashion designers and creatives in Philippines and other countries, from all backgrounds to come together as one body and share the values and vision of modest culture.

What drive us is the stark reality that some designers who are not given the chance to showcase their work internationally due to the inaccessibility of those fashion shows. We realized that those fashion shows are only available to the affluent and able.

In the Philippines, there’s only a little ripple about modest fashion despite how active the fashion industry is. Modest fashion is mostly misrepresented because the true representatives of modest fashion industry are not given the chance to showcase their work, except for a few. Modest fashion is still a niche market in the country.

We created MODEST FASHION DESIGNERS to better know and help these designers market their products and connect with their audience. Our platform will become their hub, their voice, and realization of their dreams.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap to understanding cultural, spiritual and other differences; to educate people about modest fashion; to provide a complete platform for consumers, creatives and designers of modest fashion.

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