by Sheikha Abbas

It’s not just about the dress! The modest culture is about the overall aesthetics. Ever wonder how rose gold, taupe, mauve and pink- browns dominated the color charts in the last three years? It’s all because of the rise of modest fashion. And its because those shades are muted and not loud to catch so much attention from unwanted onlookers.

We want to be presentable and pleasant, especially when we are to meet other people but keep in mind that there are certain measures that needed to be considered to practice modesty. Such as picking a dress, or the head cover or a lip colour and make up. Bold and striking colours and loud prints are just not the type of dresses you should be having in your wardrobe.

The same rule applies to grooming your face. The best way to maintain that modest image is to stick to the subdued make-up shades and lip tints. Mattes are good to use on the lips such as these stains that come in handy from The Premium Stains. The reason why it is, because it absorbs the light and it doesn’t drag attention to your face right away. Old rose, muted rosie brown shades such as the first three on top are a safe choice for all skin types and if you are conscious about the shape of your lips or the volume. Another reason why you should have those shades is that it matches with almost any outfit, any time of the day. It goes well with printed clothes or a mix- and- match color scheme or color- blocked outfits because these shades neutralizes anything that can make your look busy.

For darker- colored outfits, to pale whites, those three at the bottom will compliment perfectly. The idea is, you need to balance and compliment. Dark colours such as midnight blue, black, charcoal grey, forest green needs a not- so- sweet tone such as deep reds to balance the scale otherwise your face will look pale against these contrasting colours. Same applies to shades that are more on the whites, wherein you need a little bit of colour so you don’t look overly monotonic.

Bright reds and glossy lips don’t really match the criteria of modesty. So when you buy a lip colour next time, try the mattes. These lip tints from The Premium Stain are just the perfect variety for you. You can be sure too that it is made from organic and natural ingredients. It protects your lips as it has moisturing natural oils so you can be rest assured that your lips is pampered. It’s highly pigmented for a long- lasting wear. These premium quality stains are super affordable at 120 pesos only. If I were you, I will get three or more shades at once!

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