She is one of those designers who barely advertise themselves; they let the clothes do the talking.

Her journey as a fashion designer is likened to that of a fairytale; magical, awe- inspiring, spellbinding.

The complex structures of Eve Navales pieces- layered micropleats, ruffles upon ruffles, exuberant sleeves, fancy drapes, bespoke the exigent mastery of a petite, often shy 39-year-old Eve Managbanag.

One of Eve intricate works (Photo by Eve)

The label Eve Navales is born of love and tribute (of the designer to her mom), hence carrying her (mom’s) last name in the brand. A deep bond unraveled by distance and longing.

At 6 years old, she had to leave home away from her family in order to study elementary, to live and work for her aunt who was a famous seamstress in town. She enjoyed watching her aunt sew dresses and not long after, so she learned to make shorts, skirts and blouses for herself. As she gained expertise, she started accepting sewing jobs from her school teachers and neighbours and earned from it. It carried on until high school. In college, she was able to get a better job in the capital city as a secretary to a fashion designer while studying Business Management. While workign for the designer, Eve became fascinated by the beauty of designing clothes. Her boss saw her potential and eagerness towards fashion therefore she trained her and later sponsored her to study fashion designing in the prestigious Fashion Institute of the Philippines- Cebu branch.

Debutante wearing a Eve Naveles gown (photo by Eve)

She owned a boutique in Leyte in 2007 but later realized that Cebu is the place for her to explore and grow. It was a courageous move since she barely knew anyone in the city but her skills, dedication and talent in designing paved way for her success. Her fascination for the works of Giambattista Valli is expressed in her creations, whom she likened her style to. Complex layers of pleated ruffles, enormous bows and mutton sleeves are her favorite elements.

Eve Navales became a favourite name for prenuptial photo sessions. Stylists and wedding coordinators from all over the city flock to her shop to rent an entirely Eve Navales signature cuts and style. The ruffled tiered edge robes, to ball gowns, are whimsical. Even famous local celebrities hire her to do their dresses.

Young or old, there is a piece for her in Eve Navales shop. She has a wide selection for young girls, to teens, adults to mature women.

Eve’s clients wearing her designs (photo by Eve)

She is also the bride’s favourite with her dainty and mostly conservative wedding gowns.

Of such a humble beginning, Eve’s creation captured many event organizers in Cebu, becoming one of the favourite names on every exhibition, and now she is set to join her first international virtual fashion show in #Connected; Beyond Fashion 2021 happening in June, 2021.

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