Colour of the Year; Ultimate Grey and the Illuminating Yellow

Pantone decide on the official colour trends each year, and this year 2021 is something of great significance for all of us. Because battling the pandemic and the looming crisis hovering above in global scale-financial and biological, the colour yellow which attracts light is balanced with the light- absorbing grey. Visually, they look good together. And philosophically, it makes sense.

There is a balance of symbolism of dark versus light, metaphorically suggesting that behind a cloudy somber skies there is a gleaming happy sun. It just suits the mood of the moment. Grey is boring but if contemplation has a colour, it would be it. And yellow, well, is just a happy colour!

Let’s explore this colour combos and the style possibilities you can have.

Yellow and grey is a lovely couple, let admit it, and look at these prints! We can think of rubber duckies, Spongebob, Pikachu, The Simpsons, the mignons, sunflowers, chamomile, daffodils, banana, mangoes, corn, lemon, pineapples, stars, sun, canary birds, bees, taxis, school buses, tape measures, safety helmets, traffic barriers, billboards ads, the yellow raincoats of the school kids in Japan

It’s a classic combo and you can never go wrong with. Yellow adds vibrancy to a neutral grey.

Yellow flowers are Van Gogh’s most famous paintings subjects. The Sunflowers. He did them in Arles, in the south of France, in 1888 and 1889. Vincent painted a total of five large canvases with sunflowers in a vase, with three shades of yellow and nothing else.

And then slay it with this yellow assymetrical hem dress with silver grey embroidery accent dress from Rozina Munib, is a zesty piece of outfit you can own this year.

And yellow nails doesn’t hurt if you have to match it with your yellow sandals and bag.

Or add life to any ordinary ordinary outfit.

Yellow foods are high in vitamins. They are palatably healthy and eye- satiating.

Yellow golden doors compliments that of slate grey marbles at the height of Imperial architecture

Even when you are tying the knot with your most- loved person in the universe, yellow and grey couples as a pleasant spectacular pair.

And because this is a year filled with new hope, new beginnings… we can all fall in love and sing along…

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called “Yellow”

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