Culture & History

We speak different languages, we have different palates, we practice different traditions, we differ in things we believe in, but we all have the same biological functions as humans, and we live in the same Earth.

Being diverse is what makes this world an interesting place. We must learn to understand, love and embrace this diversity.

Our take on our diverse world and cultures.

How Cultural Imperialism Shaped Filipinos Views on Modest Fashion

As a country that withstood three successive occupation and while facing the current threat of globalization, with years of cultural imperialism dawning upon Filipinos, how are they reacting to the modest fashion trend?

The Return of the Hanfu

This ancient clothing from the Han Dynasty is getting it’s revival currently and we just love it

Modern Modest Bridal Dresses From Around the World

How brides wear their traditional wedding dresses with contemporary twist

Women of the Scriptures

Coming soon

Noble ladies of Florence during the early 1400s. Antique hand-colored print
Fashion’s Modest Past; The West and the Evolution of Trends

Coming soon

Bangsamoro; Untold Fashion and Art of the Moro People

Coming Soon

Veils of the Nation; How Veils are Worn in Different Countries

Coming soon

Why Are We Replacing Our Rich Cultural Costumes with Boring Trends?

Publishing soon

The Fall of the Ottomans and The Westernizing of Muslim Nations

Coming soon

The Dehumanizing of Burqa; What The West Need to Know About This Piece Clothing ?

Publishing soon

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