Meet our amazing designers for “CONNECTED 2021: Beyond Fashion”, Philippines’s first international virtual modest fashion show!

HERS LAHA/ Philippines

Azizah Talusan, is the founder/ creative director of Hers Laha; a high-end clothing brand based in Zamboanga City in Philippines specialising in Abaya with its Inaul- infused signature style. The brand also carries unique tribal scarves and turban, and signature accesories such as pin holders, tribal corsets and keychains.

Aliah is a graduate from the prestigious IFA in Paris , and SOFA Design Institute in Makati, and been designing for 10 years. She is also a talented make-up artist. Aliah had been featured in several international fashion shows in Malaysia in the prominent Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week, with her works appearing in the pages of GAYA magazine in Singapore.

The brand Hers Laha, is an epizeuxis of an arabic word “Laha” which translates to “Hers” in English.


Nurainie Datumanong Ampatuan, is the designer behind Hilyah Signorina; a Davao-based clothing brand specialising in incorporating Philippine indeginous fabrics in her Abaya and tailored suits.

Nuraine earned a Bachelors degree in Nursing at Davao Medical School but pursued her calling in fashion designing and studied Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at Philippine Women’s College in Davao. She was the Hiyas ng Kadayawan Princess in 2019 and is currently serving as a tourism officer in Davao.

The word Hilyah means “ornament” in Arabic while Signorina means “Miss” in Italian.


Fazeelah Isaac is the founder/ creative director, and fashion designer of the brand Maseeha Projects based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The brand is named after Fazeela’s first daughter, conveying a legacy of love and confidence that will exude throughout her lifetime while dressing up according to her tradition and religion. She has been designing for 8 years, with international appearances in several modest fashion shows including the prestigious Africa Modest Fashion Week. Maseeha Projects is also a known brand to the Australian modest fashion market.

Her brand carries an exquisite collections of dresses, kimono, executive wear and jackets. Among Maseeha Projects line is business and marketing content creation consultation.


Phoebe Toluwani, is a the Creative Director and Designer of the brand Esteni Signature. The brand got its name from combining the first syllables of her mom’s name “Esti” and her sobriquet “Eni”. She may look very young but Phoebe had been designing for 5 years already.

Phoebe had her training in fashion design in Nigeria and creates timeless pieces of ready-to-wear and custom-made evening and special occasion gowns, day dresses, caps, turbans, and bags.

SHENA ALSREE, Philippines

Sheena Alsree is an enponymous brand specialising in custom-made wedding gowns, special occasion gowns and dresses. Her trademark designs reflects her Moro-heritage.

Shena has graduated an Advance course in Fashion Designing at Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship School of Fashion and Design. She had been designing successfully for 6 years with clienteles from Philippines theatre and cinema guild. She had appeared in numerous fashion shows and exhibit including the Philippine Fashion Week and Metro Magazines Modest Fashion Show.

Her product line includes children’s wear, suits, and ready to wear dresses.


Kareemah Abbas is the designer and creative director of Asake Bridals- a luxury modest bridal and occasion- wear boutique. The brand embodies a modern bride; combining contemporary yet modest styles and silhouette.

Kareemah had attended two different fashion schools in Nigeria and been designing since 2011.

Asake is a Yoruba word which means “a daughter bound to be pampered and cherished”; a message they want every bride to experience.

EVE NAVALES, Philippines

Eve Navales isthe designer and creative director of the brand which specialises in customised and ready-to-wear bridal, special event dresses, casual, and lingerie wear, established in 2016.

Eve is a graduate from Fashion Institute of the Philippines and has been designing for 13 years.

The brand Eve Navales is a combination of her name and her mom’s last name.


Sana and Saba are sisters and both designers hailing from Manchester, UK of the brand Modestyhaya by SanaSaba established in early January of 2020. With a vision to redifine modest wear through contemporary fashion for both men and women, combined their designing skills to form the brand. Sana designs the menswear and Saba designs the womenswear.

Although it is a new brand, both sisters had been designing for 10 years. They earned a diploma in Technical Fashion design in Italy, and Fashion Design with Honours in UK.

IMAN MONTAYRE, Philippines

Iman Montayre is eponymous brand. Although it started way earlier (2013) the brand went through several name changes. It was previously known as Bridals by Iman, it transitioned to Iman Couture as it started selling wedding gowns internationally. But when brand started producing RTW, under the brand Iman Clothing Co. , she eventually made the decision to merge it altogether and named it Iman Montayre.

Iman started designing since 2000 when she was 18, working full time under a New York -based designer. While working she completed a degree in Computer Programming and a Bachelors in Investigative Journalism.

She is a self-taught couturier, with no formal education in fashion design but was trained by a New York designer for haute couture and went through unofficial trainings from experts through international companies she worked for. She is an experienced versatile designer in all fields including clothing, home decor, furnitures, jewelry, bags and shoes.


Zaman Ghafori is the designer and Creative Director behind an international luxury brand from Kabul Afghanistan. Established in 2016, it’s founder Zaman Ghafori is also the Founder at Women Entrepreneur Association of Afghanistan, had provided many jobs and businesses for women in Afghanistan, as promoting fashion and handicrafts.

The name “khamak” is a Pashto term for embroidery, for which Zaman’s designs unique handmade embroidery are famous for. The brand creates beautiful embroidered clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories.

NAVZ, Philippines

Fatima Naveena or Navz Abdurajak is the designer of the brand Navz, had been in the designing field more 5 years; is a creator of unique tribal- infused luxury wear based in Zamboanga, Philippines. Navz graduated Fashion Designing at Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

The brand Navz is a sobriquet or short version of her name. It specialises in both ready-to-wear and customised unique novelty dresses, special occasion wear, hijab and fashion accesories.

MAC TAUG, Philippines

Mohammad Ali Taug uses his sobriquet “Mac” to be locally and internationally acclaimed designer brand from South of Philippines as Mac Taug.

Mac has been designing for 10 years.T he brand was established in 2009, specializing in modest fashion and bridal haute couture, and the mastery use of Inaul textiles in his high fashion pieces.

Mac has been invited to several fashion shows including Indonesia Modest Fashion Week. He would have flown to France to showcase his incredible works if not for the pandemic.


Shiaam Abrahams is the founder/ designer of the brand Modesty On Blvd., established in 2017. The brand aims to brings runway functional couture glam with a touch of African diverse culture, into the forefront of modest fashion.

Shiaam has been in the design field for 9 nine years. She completed her fashion studies by City & Guilds of London Institute (Africa) , specialising in Pattern Construction and Design as well as Fashion Design.

Modesty On Blvd is a chic, functional, dressy, modern- cut fashion staples designed for modest modern women.


Princess Jehanne Dimaporo is dubbed as the first hijab stylist from Marawi city. She is registered nurse by profession, but her love for fashion and beauty made her explore an artistic savvy on styling haute couture veils for any occasion.

Princess Jehanne started hijab stylist as a hobby, rendering her artistic touches on veils around close family circle until she started getting clients and eventually she became a most sought- after hijab stylist in her city, and she officially started branding her hijab styling in 2011

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