The Old Russians used to do it this way, this has emerged in 2021

13 March 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

Image 1: Courtesy of British Vogue, 2021

Amazing A-line.

When you wear the head scarf like Dior, the silhouette must be an A-Line, also known as The New
Look. Such as the famous Christian Dior look that featured skirts that is so tight on the waist but flows
effortlessly on the bottom. This look is re-generating, according to the Autumn Winter 2021
collection by Dior.

In my perspective, obviously, Parisians love to take a bit of other people’s heritage into their
collection. Is that cultural appropriation?

The old Russian heritage especially loves the headscarf.

According to Iman, via Tim’s Take on the Business of Fashion, there is a problem on the ‘businesses’
of runways in the fashion industry. The fashion industry may be on the last verge of ending this
systematic discrimination, but I think we are all confused of such. According to Iman, she is worth
less because of her ‘non-European’ branding. What is considered less than European to fashion

When have creative directors acknowledged a non-Parisian heritage? If you do then mention how many times. Now, if one of you do then how important it is for you as buyers?

As consumers, we just buy what looks great and Parisian. The brand from Paris or France itself is already considered expensive to wear even when it is faux. The branding of Paris is considered as more than a million-dollar value, not a typical revenue found in Russian brands perhaps. Unless you are truly a fashionista then join the club.

The headscarf is originated from Old Russia, according to an American scholar who has the heritage, Lady Idzihar (obviously is well-known

for post-Soviet studies.) The scholar is well- known to be opinionated in the head scarf department. She wears the headscarf with ‘The New look.’

There is a correlation between Parisian designers who wish to take some people’s heritage and to
make it theirs, and to finalise some ‘Dior’ touches. Many people are still confused on what ‘cultural
appropriation’ means in the fashion industry. Post-soviets used the head scarf as a modest piece, not
to ‘so-called’ cover themselves and identity.

Any tips on controversial topics? Comment.

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