Eve Navales’ “Lawud” had us all connected to her life’s reverie.

Into the “Lawud”

Hues of blues, greens, corals and sands gushed into the opening of the 1st and International Virtual Modest Fashion Show in the Philippines!

It was a collection by the designer from Cebu, Philippines, named after the vibrant bodies of water that surrounds the beautiful archipelago in the Pacific.

Waves of ruffles, layers upon layers of generous offerings of fabrics shimmers as it catches the light of the afternoon sun as models walk down the sandy beach of Solea Resort; where they held their fashion show production.

Lawud is a Bisaya word for ocean, relating to its depth and its infiniteness. The sea is a vital part of the lives of the people living in the Visayan islands of the Philippines. From it comes our riches and culture. As for me, it has always been my special place of serenity and rest. Upon the random changing of the colors and forms of the sea’s waves came the inspiration for this collection. In my moments of tranquility by the sea, I could see how it reflects the very embodiment of a woman: A powerful and beautiful force of nature cloaked in grace and femininity. Thus, I created the Lawud collection to bring these images to life.This collection shall showcase the beauty of the Visayan islands and Visayan women. And with it shall emerge a tidal wave of Visayan beauty upon the world of fashion.” –Eve Navales

This designer is a master couturier whose expertise in creating intricate designs allowed her to present a collection of 28 looks which took only 2 months of preparation.

Stacy’s Model Management; a modelling agency in the Philippines provided models for her and among them was a popular face, Miss Cebu 2019, Steffi Aberasturi. Aspiring kid models also joined the ramp for Eve.

Eve’s “Lawud” is truly a show opener collection, that took every one adrift into a majestic escape…

Intricate details of every textures employed in every piece, cascades in rhythms that synchronizes with every moment, as if they are falling in love with gravity while being serenaded by the wind.

Fluid. Generous. Vibrant. Captivating. Encapsulating. Refreshing. Welcoming.

Just like “lawud”.


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