Every year the fashion industry contributes to at least 7 million tons of used clothing to our wastes, add to that the 17 million tons (at least) textile waste from factories. What can we do about it?

While there are few factories that are dedicated to recycle these waste into new textiles, we keep producing and throwing away. We have to do something about it!

Some creatives came up with brilliant ideas to utilize these wastes into a work of art and exquisite products, you will never think are recycled. Below are some of our favorite ethically- produced handbags you should have in your wardrobe!

Recycled brass artisan handbags from Lezeri, inspired from Nepal art, is so unique and a beauty! Who wouldn’t to wear this luxury?

Handwoven bucket bag from Wildhand, has leather straps, and fringed drawstring feature. It’s woven by hand with recycled wool. Wildhand the Kamba tribe of Kenya to weave this bag. You can tell from its tribal weave patterns, it’s that speacial!

Chic, unique, stylish and eco-friendly beautiful handbag from Selected Bags, made from recycled strips weaved into a pattern of designs, with rivetted zigzag edges.

Made from cotton strips discarded from textile factory, this beautiful shoulder bag from Tahi Moai, is a trendy stylish option for you!

It looks gorgeous but this clutch bag from Iman Clothing Co. are made from recycled plastic casing coated with woven unbleached natural rafia, and decorated with repurposed beads and lace embroidery.

These are soda can pull tabs crocheted together into a funky shoulder bag from Handmade Bali. These are rust-free and lightweight because tabs are made from coated aluminum.

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