The Flappers are Back in Hijab Fashion

9 February 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

Flappers are somewhere in between modest
fashion and the age of immodest fashion.

The humour of the flappers is the nostalgic
vibes, and many lies when they say that they
do not miss it. Flappers are somewhat before
the age of immodest fashion, which may be
in this age right now?

In modest fashion, we are enjoying the
classical music part of the flappers. Classical
pieces that are modest, and we need more
modest flappers.

Rozita Che Wan is nailing this this look that
is inspired by the roaring twenties. The look
can be re-created modestly by applying the
glamorous details. Although, this look is not
so trendy in the media, and it will be very

Since the pandemic, everyone wants to
escape to ‘something.’ This look inspired by
the roaring twenties is your solution.

Image 1: Rosita Che Wan Night Look

Glitters and grit of sparkles, that elaborate the
facial features, when wearing the hijab.

Zuleyka Magazine has been inspired by the
‘Great Gatsby’ which is the era of ‘the flappers.’
A modest fashion version of the flappers has a
long detail of sparkles up to the ankle.

The flappers fit hijab fashion, and would you

Image 2: Courtesy of Zuleyka Magazine

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