by Julie Carlos

Footwears are integral part of your wardrobe. Not all types of shoes will make you look sharp and collected. There are styles that can make you look chunky and heavy, unstable and they are just off.

As for modest dressing, some culture discourages the wear of stilettoes because they thud when you walk and therefore creates unwanted attention. Then there are those who considers showing of the feet as immodest.

To help you identify what are the modest footwears you can wear, here are our pick so you can put your best foot forward! *wink*

The Bostons

These type of shoes are easiest, most versatile style you can slip on if you want to look sharp and classy poise anytime of day, instantly. You can wear it with fluid or structured, skirt or pants.

The Boots

If you choose these kind of boots, then you have nothing to worry about. These are just sleek and classy footwear that is also compatible with your maxis, pants or even jeans.

The Chucks

These humble pairs are the most casual and comfortable shoes you can consider wearing too. Not only will it give a youthful glee to your outfit, its so versatile. You can wear it with prints, or plain, colored or not.

The Mocassins

Mocassins are comfortable casuals that you can easily match with any dress and pants too. For easy travel, executive resort look, slip on some neutrals to browns and leather or suedes.

The Sling Backs

Sling backs are probably the most girly classic choice. And there are many of these styles out there, you won’t have any problem finding them and mostly comes in flats to kitten heels. They are easy to wear and goes from casual to party-ready look.

The Wedge

Adding a little height slims down the silhouette. That’s why the wedges are the best option if you want the comfort all day long. Just for a note, don’t wear busy prints on prints otherwise you will look so uncoordinated. Always pick a neutral or dark coloured pair. However if your outfit is plain, you can wear printed, monoblock or even shiny wedges

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