Nikey Alonzo, 23 (Photo by Nikey)

Nikey Alonzo was like the regular teenager who enjoys life by the moment; bubbly, fun, one that you may not see as someone who will likely convert to a conservative religion such as Islam.

Her charming photos in hijab, sporting different make-up looks, fashionable styles, is mesmerizing Instagram. At first glance, you wouldn’t know she was a convert to Islam.

“I have great taste and love in fashion. Fashion had become the expression of my personality. How I dress is how I wan’t people to know me. I dress to showcase Nikey. I can be as relax as my sweaters, I can be as classy as my satin tops and still be as modest as my abayas and maxi dresses. I am a personality that can go from cozying into the bed to conquering the world.”

Nikey in ZN’S dress (Photo by Nikey)

Born from a Catholic family, it never even occoured to Nikey that one day she will become a Muslim. But an incident changed her outlook forever, when one day she met someone who triggered her interest in Islam and eventually fell in love with it.

“This is when I started wanting to convert in Islam. But my fear got the most out of me, so I didn’t convert right away. I prayed for guidance. I cried every night because I was too scared that my family won’t accept me converting to Islam. So I delayed it and just prayed to Allah for help.”

Although it took her a while to openly reveal her interest of becoming a Muslim to her family for the fear of neglection, she eventually gathered enough strength one day and came out of the house wearing a hijab. It didn’t take a while until her family accepted who she chose to be. They were supportive of her journey.

Nikey on Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi (Photo by Nikey)

 “One day I woke up and felt like it was the day and so without giving so much thought about it, I just wore my hijab and went to school. That was the happiest day of my life. I felt so happy with my hijab and I felt home with my religion. And I am very thankful to Allah because out of all people in this dunya (world), I was one of the lucky ones to be welcomed to Islam.”

Nikey Alonzo and her family hailed from Zamboanga, where she also graduated Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. She aspires to explore the UAE and follow the footsteps of her dad, whom developed his career there.

“My whole family is Roman Catholic. Of course, just like any other families they didn’t agree with my decision at first but all praise to Allah it didn’t took long for them to accept me with all their hearts. Except for my dad, because he already supported me from day one”

(Photo by Nikey)

With the support from her close Muslim friends, Nikey matured with her new- found faith along with them and her circle of friends became bigger in no time.

Nikey not only profess her expertise in make-up artistry, she loves poetry and literature. Perhaps, the intimate nature in understanding the wisdom of words helped Nikey to comprehend the religion of Islam better because the Qur’an is such an eloquent book that not everyone can connect to at first encounter. It takes a sensitive and a logical mind.

She has been a Muslim for five years now. And currently extending pleasant vibes, influencing the internet with her inspiring story.

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