Nurainie Ampatuan’s Journey to document her Modest Fashion Show- on its process

24 January 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

Hilyah Signorina is known for their authentic pieces.

The founder and designer, Nurainie Ampatuan visited many kinds of places that may be uncomfortable for any designer to be at, such as being outdoors. She is very hands-on with her work and does not uses her team mates to go out.

The dazzling jewel of Hilyah Signorina has interviewed many locals on what it takes to have the kind of fabric the brand needs, the pieces need to have some story from the locals’ perspective.

Katidtuan’s locals are loving the H.S designer’s visit, and she is enjoying her time too, by learning and absorbing new knowledge on Inaul fabric— for the sake of the Katidtuan community as well.

Sultan Kudarat has a rich community, that the H.S brand appreciates: Inaul fabric. The Inaul fabric is the gene of Hilyah Signorina.

Sultan Kudarat is located at the place called Maguindanao, where H.S has made a wedding gown for one of her clients.

Image 1. Hilyah Signorina wedding gown with Inaul- embroidered bodice

One of the most controversial topics in the modest fashion world is weather these kinds of artisans have the full and succinct knowledge of weaving. Why does it matter? We need transparency. We need more insight on who made our modest fashion clothing.

This docu is available on Hilyah Signorina’s YouTube Channel.

Image 2. Close-up view of bodice; Inaul embroidery using high- class stones

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