Nurainie Ampatuan, the founder
and designer of H.S, and her advocate for the Moro culture.

30 November 2020 by Aviana Hermawan

Nurainie Ampatuan is Promoting the beauty of the
Maguindanaon’s traditional attire

How does a local designer dance for Moro

The founder and designer of Hilyah
Signorina is no exception.

The Moro culture is not just a piece.

Fashion should not be narrow so that we
do not sew the sorrow. The sorrow of
fashion’s narrow idea of culture, it should
be expanded.

Everyone would not know what the culture
looks like.

The culture of Moro should be respected
because of the designer’s life.

The founder of Hilyah Signorina is known for ‘the culture of life.’
The Moro culture is built upon many facets of life.

“… we have made a replica of the traditional patterns and promote the Maguindanaon weavers…,”
Ampatuan’s perspective, is the cultural significance.

For June 2021, Ampatuan will be
known as one of the designers, who
care deeply about the Moro culture.

Not everyone knows that the
Republic of the Philippines have a
city, where there are elven
ethno-linguistic groups.
Not everyone wishes to know more
deeply on these disappearing
cultures, and it should be respected.

Why is the ‘cultural significance’ is
considered as a waste to some
fashion experts? Fashion experts
should know designers from every
angle and every tribes and culture.
For example, the designer who seek
to promote cultural significance are
known as the ‘locals.’ Now, there is
a trend for international trade.
Designers forget that local business
is as effective as international
business, in a profitable point of
view. There is nothing wrong with
doing what you love for the sake of
the locals.

Nurainie Ampatuan’s Hilyah Signorina graduation
collection for “Tribute: PWC Annual Graduation Show

“…people will have the first impression of you if you wear something different…,” Ampatuan’s statement is life-changing— and culturally significant, on Modest Fashion Designers Channel.

“Tribute: PWC Annual Graduation Show 2018” on
its avant garde journey

The journey for Hilyah Signorina is based
on cultural idealism. This is rare.
The journey for Hilyah Signorina is not
wasted, and it is rare to know for some.

For some, the Muslim culture is based on
the Arab culture. The founder of Hilyah
Signorina is the advocate for the Moro
culture, and she stated: ‘Muslims are not
Arab’ on a recent interview, with Modest
Fashion Designers Production.

Hilyah Signorina’s experimental genre is
unknown—exclusively unknown. The
founder and designer seek to not have only
one genre, as its designs feature amazing
and exclusive patterns.

The genre is not just one type, as the
silhouette by Hilyah Signorina is sleek as a
feather, that does not break as it falls to the

“… Hilyah is an ornament in Arabic, and
Signorina is ‘Miss’ in Italian… very chic
isn’t it?” Ampatuan’s journey of
discovering the genre, main fabric and
source of branding is exclusively by the Moro culture.

H.S is not a one-faceted brand, given by the richness of the culture, but it has a brand positioning that is ‘The Culture.’ Nor avant-garde; ready-to- wear and you name it, it is ‘The Culture.’ On Ampatuan’s exclusive interview on H.S.

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