“Our first collection for Fall-Winter 2021 is called Reminiscence. Influential, neoteric and prosperous, Hilyah Signorina’s first collection is inspired by the different narratives of women who conquer the elegant world of modest fashion. The title of the collection is called Reminiscence. It refers to recalling the remembered experiences from the designer herself. This collection represents the authenticity and creativity of our Maguindanaon Filipino designer and the marvelous diversity of the Moro and Indigenous Filipino culture and craftsmanship. Every apparel, design, and detail will discover a story about how we would like to be recognized as a multi-fashion brand for the 21st century. “

“As a designer, it’s not that easy to create a piece if you don’t love what you do. Designing is not just what I love or a profession, but this is my life. Expressing myself through fashion is what keeps me alive and passionate to live. The colors, textures, forms and patterns, these are one of the reasons why I love what I do. In general, I am just so inspired doing what I love from everything, even a tiny thing. And I want this beautiful feeling to be felt by other people because there’s a power of gaining confidence, passion and courage when you love what you do. “Nurainie Ampatuan, Designer and Founder/Hilyah Signorina

Nurainie’s playful command of the Maguindanaoan textile “Inaul” coalesce in a tapestry of different regional flavours with other locally- made Philippine textiles or with denims, majestically. It takes ample experience and true talent to succesfully mix prints and fabric together harmoniously like this.

Perhaps, having been brought up in a culture- rich region of South of Philippines helped Hilyah Signorina’s designer and founder to masterfully put together these elements with ease to translate the colorful memories of her childhood, arranged in a mesmerizing array of patterns.

Gold is the designer’s favorite colour. Shown here is a gown inspired by royalties of the Victorian era highlighting the huge bows that nestled on the shoulders with a sash that meet the ground, muffled leg-o-mutton sleeves, pleated bodice detail and a hefty length of fabric that trails behind the wearer.

“Reminiscence” connected us with the designer’s inner passions, aspirations, inspirations and visions about what modest fashion can be.

 Another highlight of the collection is the introduction of Hilyah Signorina’s first pattern signature called HS quadrigeminal logo pattern where each monogram represents the artistic journey of the designer. Indeed, what sets this brand different from the rest of home-grown label is their HS series patterns, cuts, fabric manipulation, design execution, forms and signature pattern techniques, and also utilizing what is uniquely Muslim Filipino- their art and textiles.

As a multi- fashion brand, Hilyah Signorina perfectly executed their first collection in the 1st Philippine International Virtual Modest Fashion Show, showcasing 12- look capsule that encapsulate all what “Reminiscence” is all about.


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Director of Photography: Zulkifli Ampatuan

Makeup Artist: Dani Angeles Baker

Makeup Artist: Cherry Ann Garcia Jalit

MODELS : Nes-ann Braem Naraga and Ally Ocusan Porza

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