Chanel 2.55 with mademoiselle lock (photo from Elle Germany)

Whether its brand new or a resale, Chanel 2.55 never looses value, and this is why it has been dubbed as a top favorite collector’s item of all time. If you are on the market looking for one, we suggest you to browse Luxury Cheaper for quality pre-loved authentic Chanel.

What makes 2.55 Chanel Flap bag so special that most women would dream to own one?

photo from Pinterest

Is it the unpredictable pricey tag that goes up anytime? Is it because of the “brand name”, or the designer? Or the materials and workmanship and exclusivity?

For Chanel’s 2.55 Flap bag, it is all of the above. This iconic bag is more than just a piece of a fashion item- it is a piece of history; a memoir of the greatest female fashion designer who ever lived.

We can dissect the Flap Bag and understand its value by looking at its historical significance and the life of the designer herself.

Firstly, the name got itself from the time it was released, on February of 1955.

Details of a 2.55 Chanel (Photo from Weekend Wishing)

The double flap feature gives the wearer comfy spaces to organize her belongings. The top flap holds the lock from outside has a zippered compartment underneath. According to sources, this compartment was a preferred feature of Coco because this is where she tucked in her love letters. The inner flap has a snap lock that holds compartments nifty enough for the utility of modern women. Inside has 2 flat pockets and a small tubular pocket to hold a lipstick, and space that can hold a smartphone.

The diamond quilted exterior, although there are varying sources out there attributing the pattern to such and such, one that is sound is Coco’s fondness towards horses and the quilted pattern on the jackets worn by equestrians.

Two features that represents her life at the orphanage; one, the interior burgundy leather lining which was the colour of her uniform; and two, the chain straps were inspired from chains used by the nuns to collect keys.

The original lock is another interesting feature which she called “Mademoiselle”, tells of the status that Coco maintained in the entirety of her life that she was never married off.

Quilted vest in 1900’s.

The common lady’s handbag in the early 1900’s

Then, we look at how historical the creation of the 2.55 Flap Bag was- it changed the way women wear bags. Prior that, women used to carry their bags by hand. The revolutionary thinker Coco saw this inconvenience, thus designing a bag that can be slung on the shoulder or across the chest so that women can freely move, became the greatest fashion innovation in the fashion history.

2.55 in different materials

The first 2.55’s was made of soft calf-skin. Later on, a variety of materials were used to make this iconic bag which includes exotic leathers like snakeskin, crocodiles, and as well as embellished denims, velvet and patent leathers . The caviar leather is considered to be the most durable one that can withstand scratches.

One of the vintage 2.55 Chanel collection in embroidered python skin (Photo from

The overall aesthetic of the 2.55 Flap bag is practical sophistication, and one can wear it in an executive function or to elite social gatherings because the fine leather and metal wear (chain) combination looks like a perfect versatile fashion adornment. This is what Chanel is all about- practical yet sophisticated and luxurious.


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