Victoria Beckham’s Skirt has become a Trend

18 March 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

Show us your veil.

The veil has hidden complexities about it and the narrative does not, just finish. Skirts that disguise as
your definition of the veil, is uncertain. The skirt has been in modest fashion for all centuries.

Did you just know, right now?

Victoria Beckham the eponymous brand
has been celebrating the idea of skirts.
Skirts are so ‘posh’ according to the
brand in one of Beckham’s interviews.

In this season, it is the same story,
according to Image 1 in the
Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection.

Image 1: Modest Skirts act like the veil

The skirt has covered a lot of parts that are considered very attractive to the opposite gender, and its parts are un-identifiable. This is what would make a veil.

The skirt could also expose the attractiveness of the attractive part, although it is in modest fashion. Is it really that modest?

Image 2: Attractive colours of the skirt

If skirts are replaced as trousers as a trend, it would not be as modest, as people would say.

Again, are skirts really that modest, or does it make the attractive a bit more attractive? Victoria Beckham’s collections consist of brighter colours and that is what makes it more attractive—according to Image 2 on the
Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Skirts are attractive but for it to be modest, it just needs the length to be longer— even if the colour is attractive: with bolder colours and tones.

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