Zahraa Berro’s breakthrough for her Muslim- American brand.

27 November 2020 by Aviana Hermawan, Hijab Mode Tv

In the USA and its views on Muslims, as Americans. Zahraa Berro is tough when it comes to Hijab

Just a few days after the USA 2020 Election, she had announced her label’s Black Friday sale. How
American should this be? Good for the economy, good for the American people, good for the
American businesses. Although maybe the Hijab is misrepresented in the American media,
Zahraa The Label is showing positivity and showing the truth.

Shopping would de-stress after the election

It certainly is, and what a great way to ‘make America great again.’

The culture in the USA is multicultural, but Zahraa The Label has made history with its multicultural founder, in USA, or United States of America.

Berro’s heritage

What we are left is our Muslim personality. To groom our personality. To groom our fashion.

The fashion industry is too narrow, what a waste. Go to Zahraa The Label so you can call yourself an open-minded and a fashionable Muslim, as your label.

“..being a Muslim is to support that other person… whoever they are…,” so today, Zahraa Berro, has made a statement, am I right ladies? Click here for her interview.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generatedMuslim American is a description, yet Zahraa The Label seeks to label themselves as Californian. The brand is based in California and it labels the representation of being a woman with a head scarf, as it says on the Instagram bio: ‘.. your Hijabi fix…’

Fix your fashion, ladies

Modest fashion is a way to engage in traditional fashion, whatever society says.

Check out Hijab Mode TV interviews with Zahraa Berro.

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