The Canadian Hijab brand that specialises in Tie-Dye

17 February 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

“Hijabs are boring when it has plain colours,” said Sana Saleh of Lala Hijabs, for Global News on 9th February 2021 at 10:34.

The Muslim Canadians are specialising in
tie-dye for their new collection, and what a
colourful moment. It is for the official hijab
fashion market.

The hijab fashion market right now is a
shallow business when it comes to colours
albeit the head scarf market. Scarves are a
need for people who wish to be modest,
especially for young women.

There are thousands of Muslims in Canada
that wears the hijab, it’s important to
contribute to the market. The couple, Sana
and Will Saleh have been living the
Canadian dream.

Image 1: Hijabs that are vibrant and unique

Image 2: Canadian Hijabers with their Canadian modest fashion style

What would colourful hijabs make for you?
A complex question- like a hijab with all sorts of colours, you could never make the right answer.

The answer to your confusion to shop for a vibrant hijab must have been confusing for Hijabers who
is living in a Western country. Australia for that matter, has Hijab House that is based in Sydney.
Hijabers may be struggling to find their personal style everywhere, whether in the Eastern or Western
country— we have many wants in terms of our personal style. The culture must change to become a
little bit malleable for HIjabers. Hijabers love headscarves.

Have you been to a store in your neighbourhood that designs headscarves, for Hijabers?

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