What’s the better foundation? The liquid or the powder?

by Bethany Ortiz

Hey girl, let me ask you something. Are you like me who don’t go out or take a selfie bare- face? If you are, then this article is something you, me and other girls can relate.

But I tell you my little advice. I don’t use liquid foundation too much. In fact, I prefer mineral loose powder than most foundation. You know why?

First of all, liquid foundations seeps through the pores which makes it difficult for your skin to breath. It does give this flawless even- out skin but if you wear it too long, they can clog your pores which may trigger break- outs especially if the brush you were using were not properly cleaned.

Secondly, if you already have fine lines, liquid foundation can only make them look deeper. Another thing to consider is the chemicals that are in it. So, if you are a someone who wears make- up every day, consider to minimize the use of liquid foundation. Instead, use mineral loose powder, and let me tell you why.

Mineral powders are good to use for any type of skin, especially for oily/ acne- prone skin because its loose and sits lightly on the skin and it doesn’t pores. It absorbs any oil and perspiration more easily without mixing with it. It allows the skin to breath therefore avoiding clogging that will result to inflammation or break- outs. Unlike liquid foundation, you can easily retouch with powder on top of your coverage and you wouldn’t need to worry about caking, especially if you happen to be in a warmer- weathered places. And the most important thing is, mineral powder don’t have much preservatives to maintain their quality. You have to remember, the preservatives can damage skin cells and make your skin loose its youth.

Try Ocean Mist Cosmetics organic mineral powder foundation that will give you a luminous coverage without the worry of wearing it too long or too much. They come in different shades so you can pick one that matches your skin tone.

Or the silky ZAO Organic Make- Up mineral powder that comes in a cutesy zen packaging made of bamboo! Instantly giving you the feel of organics at first glance.

Another option is by Yen Organics, keeping true to its brand name, it is organic and infused with healthy oils that is good for your skin.

The most important thing to keep in mind is hygiene and diet, of course. If you want best results, eat healthy, wash your face regularly and avoid harmful chemicals so you can put your best face forward any day!

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