The Pyjama Trend and how to look Formal in it

15 February 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

What is the consequence of having the same patterned tops and trousers?

Many celebrities and designers have been
acquitted to the evolving trend, especially in
Republic Indonesia. Host Raffi Ahmad wears
the Priyo Oktaviano set.

Muslim-born supermodel Gigi Hadid was
seen in late 2020- and the correlation between
Raffi Ahmad’s trend in 2021, is highly
similar. The pyjama- fit really fits.

The ‘smart-look’ especially with glasses are
comfortable, in this pandemic era for those
who are staying at home.

It has been at least four months since this
pandemic effect started, so it will last for a

Image 1: Courtesy of Glamour Netherlands

This set is simple to wear, and it
does not fall off easily.

The set fits the personality of the
‘chill code’ and its relevance and
response to the pandemic. Let us
chill with it.

Men could also use this set as
suits, for host and television
appearances, and you could be
formal for all the ‘black swan’

Careful, does this fit you? You
would have to check your personal
style first.

Image 2: Host Raffi Ahmad, wearing Priyo Oktaviano

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