by Jonquil Dun

We searched around the internet’s top and most- trusted fashion hubs to find the chicest luxury bags to invest on, in 2021, and here’s what we found!

The Runway Faves

PRADA Cahier bag

Guess what, we look everywhere and they are sold out! Of course, these bags are so lovely, that’s why!

They are sold for at least $2,500 but you can buy pre-loved here


GUCCI Dionysus Snakeskin (Limited Edition)

It’s limited edition, so it’s always a good investment. Limited edition pieces can double its price in few years. You can wear it as long as you want, sell it later.

This bag is sold around $3, 500 and $4,000 or higher at some places.

But you can buy for less.

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GUCCI Queen Margaret Bag (bamboo top handle)

We think its the crystal- encrusted bee ensemble that gave this bag an iconic look. Plus the bamboo handle!

Shop it here!


GUCCI Broadway Pearl

Also sold out in most places despite of its whooping price to have cost around $3,000 to $4,000 brand new. A true luxury, indeed!

Check this out at a its best price.

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BURBERRY Broguing Banner Bag

Saddle bags and fringed detailed bags are back on the Trend chart this year! You can never go wrong with this one, because its Burberry!

Get the brand new at the best price here.



The baroque V metal ensemble on this beauty is dazzling. And right away gives this bag that instant jewelry effect.


The Timeless Classics


Selling at around $9,000 to $10,000, this bag is a sought- after luxury still. They are the timeless classics which prices just keeps going up.



This is every girl’s dream bag!

Sold at not less than $5,000, and interestingly enough, the prices goes up every now and then unexpectedly, but they are always sold out!

Good news, there are Pre- Loved of these beauties at lesser price. Get them here!


GUCCI Jackie Hobo

This classic iconic bag made a great come-back this year! You might want to check around for this.



Another iconic bag made for an icon. The LV Alma bag is making a dramatic comeback too, this year!

This shop sells Almas at best prices!


DIOR Lady Dior Bag

The late Princess Diana of Wales used to be seen carrying this classic on several occasions. It’s chic and minimalist, a timeless luxury design you can invest in.


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