The leaders on modest fashion atelier

24 January 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

Who are those modest fashion diplomats?
Major brands such as Christopher John Rogers, Ralph Lauren, Christy Rilling, and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s stylist is on the list, which are unknown unfortunately.

These modest fashion ateliers might not want to be shown to the world, but they do make a great impact on the impression of the country. The former Prime Minister of Commonwealth of Australia, who I have just mentioned is on the list, but not everyone knows who the stylist is on the papers. Do modest fashion readers even care on what goes on behind the scenes?

Image 1. Modest Fashion for political figures in the media

Behind the scenes of these modest fashion ateliers are worked to be done, but it has not done when they are unrecognized. Forget the United States of America, how about Indonesian modest fashion, dressed by politicians and former President of Republic Indonesia, Megawati, a female? There are designers who attacks diplomats- more than the diplomats themselves.

It is a mission for the major brands, who dress for politicians, to have a name and fame for their modest fashion looks.

When will more modest fashion designers see this gravitated movement? I will tell you the reasons.

This is how modest fashion has a mission: the more fabric, the more successful the mission.

The mission is, to initiate that modest fashion is the leader for many leaders, whether they are politicians, diplomats, or well-known outspoken person in charity events. If these people wear your dresses, then the mission is successful.

If most modest fashion designers do not want fame when it comes to certain people wearing their brand, it is slightly and unapologetically untrue. However, this is the turning point for modest fashion designers who aim for their brand to be known through such diplomats. Fame and talent do not correlate in some ways, and in modest fashion, if your brand is known, it is a plus. These are modest fashion diplomats for you, truly.

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