Modestyonblvd Rising

By Shiaam Abrahams (with comments from Sarah Schwarz)

From the continent of the world’s richest cultures comes a brand by the Digital IT Specialist and fashion designer Shiaam Abrahams- ModestyOnBlvd-launching its first collection and taking it to further horizon, rising and beaming with pride in the 1st International Virtual Modest Fashion Show hosted by the Philippines.

A calmanation of Hues representing the Rustic Sunsets and Celtic sunrises of the African  Skies . A fusion of cross culture design, diversity enveloped in the threads of Modest Fashion. 

Bringing a Modest South African flair of Fashion to the World – ModestyOnBlvd’s latest collection #Mobrising A/W2021 exudes elegance, modesty and luxury. Ticking all boxes for elements of Functional Couture, fabrics such as Moroccan Satins, Shimmer Chiffon, SchweSchwe African Print well known to the Xhosa and Sotho Brides of Africa, also included are Rich Brocades which formed the canvas for the art of this collection by South African designer Shiaam Abrahams – Creative Director and Founder at ModestyOnBlvd. 

Alana Cape and Pants Set

A design inspired by the Inner femininity of all Modest Women with absolute Luxury and Functional Couture in mind. Make a statement with the intricate styled Asymmetrical Ruffle Drape down the back of the ever so elegant Cape, an Original creation for the High Streets of Modest Fashion

Orient Golden- Tiered Dress

A vision of Golden sun sets comes to mind, as it  embraces the landscapes of Africa, Opulently depicted wearing a Turban Styled head piece, now being identified as the “Crown” of Modest Women of Africa “Roshan Isaacs” . 

Imaan Lace and Shimmer Dress

A flow of elegance is captivated in this Imaan lace and shimmer shiffon button down throw. Designed suitability for any event, dress it up with a tailored pants or dress it down with a great pair of Denims and you’re set. 

Mia Bishop Sleeve Brocade Coat Throw

Emerging from the middle ages, brocade is seen as a luxurious fabric around the globe, especially across West Africa today. This beautiful brocade and duchess satin coat is the epitome of trendy, stylish & bold elegance. A design tailored for all body types and sizes, styled as a modest Ready to Wear ensemble. 

Layla Brocade Coat Throw

The extra length chiffon trail provides an additional layer of modest glam and sophistication.

Arissa Draped Jumpsuit

The Eastern Sari meets the Blvd Jumpsuit; a marriage of East meets West in Modest Fashion Glam. Luxury  Fabrics of Moroccan Satin with Turban Styled Head Pieces by Designer and Stylist Shiaam Abrahams. This all in one piece embodies the Power and Elegance of the MODEST Women of Africa and it’s cultural diversity, true to being “Rainbow Nation” 

Zayaana Trench Coats

Symmetrical & Asymmetrical StyledTrench Coats are a “Hot” Trend this winter and these designs have Originally been designed for warmth, comfort, elegance and embodies the Power of “Boss Lady” beauty in it’s most Feminine Form. The two Tone Bespoke designed Coats are Perfect for the office and a night out with the Girls. Dress it up or down these Luxury Melton Coats are an investment to be made for any Functional Couture closet. 

Sunset Mocha Wrap Coat

It’s one of a kind in the design of coats by ModestyOnBlvd and with its rich Luxurious Fabric, absolute comfort and warmth – it’s the perfect selection for the casual days of autumn and winter as seen styled above.

Afrocentric Peplum Shweshwe Blazer

Shweshwe is a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional Southern African clothing. Originally dyed indigo, the fabric is manufactured in a variety of vibrant colours and printing designs characterised by intricate geometric patterns.Due to its popularity, shweshwe has been described as the denim, or tartan, of South Africa – (Wikipedia) ModestyOnBlvd’s Modest Design of this Fabric, Styled as a Peplum Blazer with Chiffon Layer for added elegance is the Epitome of Afrocentric Modest Fashion well aligned to the Hues of Rustic Sunsets of Africa.


Tiffany Satin Panel and Ruffle Dress

A Bespoke Design with the LBD in mind, a twist of Modest Glam. Boasting Luxury Satin Ruffle detail, Velvet and Organza Brocade sleeves for that added charm.

Celtic Slit Shirt Dress

Abstract Bold and Beautiful brushed Hues remnant of the palettes found on the Horizons of the African Skies. This button down Shirt Dress, with Slits on either side is  made from Stretch Viscose designed to fit all body types and sizes maintaining the essence of Modest Elegance

ModestyOnBlvd designs for the Modest Women, Welcoming all to the Era of Modest Fashion. Follow @ModestyOnBlvd on Social media and stay Fashionably Connected. 

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