“Moods” of Esteni Woman

Versatility and timelessness are very important themes in this collection. Through textures, colors and silhouettes we were able to explore so many moods.“- Phoebe Toluwani, Designer/Founder of Esteni Signature

Indeed, this Nigerian clothing brand prides itself with their elegant taste as shown in the cuts and silhouettes of their garment pieces, and successfully delivers it.

The designer’s late mom (a designer herself) had been her greatest influence on design identity. Her mastery of cutting and structure fabrics is Phoebe’s great strengths. The clean, classy and modern designs of Esteni is versatile. Anyone who looks at Esteni’s Signature pieces can right away tell that the dresses are tailored for them.

From casuals to formal dresses, Esteni Signature articulates the moods of a classy woman.

The statuesque Phoebe models her own creations. Shown here is a multi-tiered dress with smocked waist, surplice neck and poet sleeves dress made of a silky material. Below is a button-down, cuffed taped seams midi with a reversible sash.

Some of the valuable lessons I learnt from this collection is that , we should always be persistent , things might not work out the way we planned but we should trust God for the best .”- Phoebe Toluwani

The pandemic almost made Phoebe put aside her dreams. But with persistence and help of her sister who serves as her photographer, she was able to flaunt her designs; a collection she calls her “first”.

I can’t count the number of times I quit on this collection. There were times , I was just like ,” look you’re not ready for this!!, maybe I’m going through all these stress , inorder for me to see that and work on myself and I’ll tell my sister, I quit! let’s just forget about all these for now”. For the rest of that day, I’ll just do something else and maybe sleep, but before I knew it I’m already back to editing the picture”

But we are glad that at the end of the day, Phoebe made it to showcase her “Moods” in the 1st Philippine International Virtual Modest Fashion Show last June 30, 2021, to give a glimpse of what an Esteni woman is made of.

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