The word m”a”kuluvelo originates from the beautiful African language of the Makua tribe which means “confidence”.

“The inspiration behind the Maseeha Instyle collection epitomizes the confidence exuded from
all women. The confidence of a woman to adorn herself in hijab even with all of the pressures
of society and the world as a whole”, says Maseeha Instyle’s founder Fazeela Isaac

Maseeha Instyle’ advocacy to provide every woman of every age, size, status and colour is reflected in their M”a”kuluvelo collection where they gave us a variety of modest fashion pieces put together.

Seen here is a beautiful 2 -piece set of robe and a shift in rich colors of gold and deep red. Simple silhouettes like this is truly versatile.

“Our clothing is a nod to the female across all ages, sizes and cultures who have the freedom to choose what to clothe their bodies in, and they choose MODESTY. An even greater display of confidence and bravery stems from those who still choose Modesty even when the freedom to choose is taken away from her. This is who we represent. This is who we stand with. This is who we dedicate every stitch and every delicate selection of fabric to. Every step of our production process to the CONFIDENT woman!” Fazeela Isaac, Founder/Designer of Maseeha Instyle

At Maseeha Instyle we pride ourselves on being inclusive especially in our sizes that we create which range from 28 right up to the fabulous size 48. The array of colours which beautifully complement each other in our designs, is a representation of the colourful rainbow nation that is South Africa. The outfits are put together with the everyday woman in mind. They are designed to be a selection of clothing for our consumers to incorporate into their work, college or social lives. A wardrobe that makes the consumer not need a special occasion to look good… it makes every day that they decide to step out in Maseeha apparel a special occasion.”

“As the designer and owner of the Maseeha Instyle brand, I love being the main model of my outfits. This is done to create a relatable experience for the fabulous sized women and construct a realistic image of what it’s like to be covered in a Maseeha piece. It is always a crazy, emotional, inspiring and fun journey when putting a collection together and even more exciting seeing it come to fruition. Being able to help females fulfill an obligation to our Lord, is the ultimate inspiration & motivation behind my brand.”

Maseeha Instyle robe in a tantalizing printed fabric which the designer Fazeela balanced with a rich brown dress and forest green scarf.

[In the beautiful words of Maya Angelou, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour…and some style” – words I live by with every breath I take.]- Fazeela Isaac

Maseeha Instyle’s rich, bold, versatile, happy and colorful pieces painted the 1st Philippine International Virtual Modest Fashion Show . The lively beat of the song sync with the warm feel of the collection had us all connected to Africa’s bodacious culture. And who can tell the story better but the designer of Maseeha herself.

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