And the Secrets of Image Styling

What is image- styling? What makes it different from fashion- styling? How significant is image- styling in, most of all, modest fashion industry? How can professional image be achieved? How do you create an image for yourself or someone, in the first place?

It sounded easy when we first came across with the word, but there is more to Image- Styling than what meets the eye.

To answer the question, image- styling is an art of creating an image and personal style for a person according to their type of job, personal beliefs, the type of industry they work for, person’s skin colour and physical attributes as well as their personality. What differs image styling from fashion styling is that the latter does not really care about the factors mentioned. Image styling is a long- term process as it will stick with the person wearing it while fashion styling only cares about what is needed at the moment.

A person, or a company can be a client of Image Stylist. It does not only concern in enhancing the outward appearance but behaviour, communication, and sometimes etiquette as well.

The complex process of finding the right image to fit the person may require more than just an artistic taste and savvy for fashion but to become effective in this field one may need to have a heart of an empath; to be able to know the client’s personality; their strength and weaknesses, a keen eye to observe the minutest details in order to align the personality and the style, and a good marketing strategy- something which Emi Idura must have innately possessed since day one. No wonder she became one of the seasoned “Image- Stylist” for modest women in our time.

Growing up in a household where personalized clothing was at hand, Emi’s choice of style was enhanced at an early age with her mom, a well- known seamstress around their town; who also used to be a seamstress of the former wife of the Sultan of Brunei, helped shaped Emi’s love for fashion. Those early years of exposure helped developed her personal style until she came up with her distinct hijab and turban styling.

Emi demonstrating at a class (photo by Emi)

But before Emi became a successful Image- Stylist, she spent 17 years in the corporate world. She decided to study for summer classes at the world’s most prestigious London Image Institute, in the UK, which paved way for her career as an image- stylist as she got offered a job to compose a muslim image for a Malaysian celebrity, Mizz Nina,  right after. Emi worked closely with Nina and was later hired to assist the celebrity’s own clothing brand called Madeena, in styling hijab and outfits for the brand’s photoshoot. Emi’s dedication and hard work in creating personalized styling for clients in every project she did paid off as series of more magazine photoshoots, international fashion shows styling, celebrity personal styling made her famous in her field and even landed on hosting her own segment on fashion and style called “WOW!” at Malaysia’s national television RM TV1, in 2017. Her expertise give rise for more brand engagement such as the brand Malaysian top modest fashion house Naelofar Hijab by the world famous hijabi designer Neelofa invited her as the only guest speaker to conduct a speaking gig session on “Brand Image Excellence and Star Personality Program” meant for the management and support team, in December 2019.

The book that Emi authored entitled “Kuasa Warna” (photo by Emi)

Her book Kuasa Warna (The Power of Color) which was released in 2018, is the first book ever written on the subject, provides a Do- It- Yourself styling techniques- a practical hand guide that offers its readers ideas on how to pick the right colors to match every outfit, accessories, make-up and skin tones.

According to Emi, “Color analysis demonstrates how certain shades are capable of being flattering or, conversely, unflattering by observing the optical illusions that occur on the face when placing specific colors next to the individual. It is generally agreed that the wrong colors will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles or uneven skin tone while harmonious colors will enhance the natural beauty of the individual making them appear healthy and fresh- faced”, she further adds, “ The successful practical application of a color analysis will theoretically allow the individual to coordinate his or her clothing and accessories with greater ease and avoid costly mistakes by purchasing items that are not within their color palette.”

Emi showing how to match colors (photo by Emi)

Having studied with Certified Image Masters from UK and Australia, Emi came up with a formula that is easy to follow with step-by-step analysis to find the colors that works for every individual which are all discussed in her book. She also advises against “fear of missing out”- that is, following the trends even if it doesn’t work for you, and fashion faux pas, so that you can avoid being trapped as fashion victims.

While the professional working and career women in the Muslim world, with many taking for image consultancy/ styling is vital to prepare them professionally.

Emi successfully captured the fashion world with her distinct style and expertise, dedication, hard work and good heart. And now, she sets to spread her influence and knowledge to different countries including Canada, the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore and India, and soon, the world over.  


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