by Sarah Schwarz

Asymmetrical hemlines, bold colors, unconventional details, and oversized fashion pieces make up a brand that gives modest fashion a brand-new cut.

Putri Nur Kharisma; founder and designer of Pyukanau

PYUKANAU is a modest streetwear brand based in Bandung, Indonesia. Inspired by cyberpunk elements from video games, movies and music, we’re here to make you look sporty and artsy at the same time.”, says the brand about their style; defining modest fashion with from the lens of a cyber punk culture;

Modest fashion means loose clothing, comfortable dressing and covering of the body according to person’s own comfort.

The cyber punk definition, however, took a contrast backdrop only to this fun and fearless brand as Pyukanau brings out an unimaginable beauty from the imaginaries of a dystopian world, and assembled into beautiful functional and artistic pieces of urban wear. Her kimono cardigans named “Survivor” was a set of collection which simply articulates this brand’s fearless essence.


Photos 1-3; Pyukanau’s “Survivor” series Kimono.

Taken from syllables of the designer and founders full name- Putri Nur Kharisma, “which means a soul filled with the light of exuberance”, says Putri.

“Rebel”, as she refer to her her style fanbase, is a break from the norm. Her style is unique and they are the common neutral colors you see on modest fashion stage. They are burst of colours with more room to move freely. The materials employed in her designs are also atypical, going from Japanese cotton to fleece.

Putri Nur Kharisma

The 22- year old’s fondness for cyber punk genre, Japanese anime, and video games; as a gamer herself inspires the spirit of her designs. She recalls perceiving a different look or style on some of the characters in the virtual world growing up aspiring to become a fashion designer. And having had a training from the Islamic Fashion Institute, Putri poured her creative juices into making those pieces a reality, serving the Gen Z modest fashionista a go-to brand that resonates with their individuality and faith.

PYUKANAU is all about modest streetwear where I put bright colors in it such as yellow, blue, red, green, pink, etc. I always combine them with monochrome colors to get the edgy side.”, says Putri.

Putri Nur Kharisma

Putri wears her designs with passion. As someone who works in an office, she brightens the day with her fun collage of baggy pants, colorful funky pieces to pair, punky high platform shoes and exuberant personality under the hijab.

The cyber punk and futuristic fashion is a unique market and there are not many designers like Putri Nur Kharisma out there. In fact, you can only count by fingers.  Designers like Kanata and Kasari are some of her most favourite influences on her. Dian Pelangi also inspired her to become a fashion designer in modest fashion.

She continues to explore fashion while gaining experience in the real world working in a corporate setting but vows to make designing a full-time career in the very near future.

“What do I do outside of fashion? I love singing and I’m planning to make a small singing group with my friends.

Putri Nur Kharisma

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