Sheraz- Myka Ututalum Jikiron (Phtoto by Sheraz)

Some influencers barely surmise the idea of becoming famous one day, let alone get the attention as an influencer on social media, just like Sheraz- Myka Ututalum Jikiron; the pretty mostly bare- faced stunner from Zamboanga.

This influencer’s subjects are not make- up and cosmetics, or any clothing and styling stunts, but travels and her daily life.

Mostly bare- faced, Sheraz shares her love for travels to different countries and local spots in her Instagram.

In one of her travels (Photo by Sheraz)

“My favorite would be Bali. The island just hits different, plus it became more memorable since we went there days before the lockdown happened. I’d love to go to Switzerland. Besides doing hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), Switzerland is also on top of my list…”, she reckons.

It must be true that every place you go is an experience that will never repeat itself, and Sheraz captures that moment in the most accurate way.

Selfie with a curious pal (Photo by Sheraz)

Her feed is as candid as it can be, gives away a fabulous humble life she has.

But Sheraz did not consider herself as an influencer because it was not in her intention to gain this much followers. Her fascinating themes and photography skills did took her to the “influencer” status as she shares the same contents like them.

Sheraz is an aspiring Industrial Engineering student, who is keen in building businesses in the future. In fact, she owned a business of clothing called Seoul Sisters Boutique, inspired by K- Pop modest fashion. She is a patron of Korean skincare which inspired her to open a Korean skin-care specialty shop but when her business grew which allowed her to introduce more products such as clothing, she changed the shop name to Seoul Sisters Boutique.

Poses for a photo (Photo by Sheraz)

And as to what she hopes for the young Muslim women like her;

“To wear the hijab with dignity and respect. To understand that the hijab isn’t only to cover our heads but that it is what makes us, us. We are our hijab, we are our modesty and that we have to embody it wholeheartedly.”

She wears make- up sometimes too (Photo by Sheraz)
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