Photo by Sheryl

She is more than a pretty face, style and glamour, she is a modern hero!  As a Respiratory Therapist, she braves the frontlines against the fight against Covid. Meet this pretty face of a warrior from Jolo, Sulu- Sheryl- Ann Lutian Lino.

As the virus attacks the respiratory system, the role of Respiratory Therapists is becoming very essential these days as they help patients with the cardiopulmonary problems, determine, monitor and assess the proper ventilator settings according to the patient’s needs, and the only health care clinician didactically and clinically educated and trained in the art and science of mechanical ventilation.

As a Respiratory Therapist, it feels very rewarding because we make a difference in peoples’ lives… Also, I continue to learn and be challenged every day and now many people appreciate our work unlike before only few people know about us here in the Philippines and we’re always mistaken as a nurse.”

Photo by Sheryl

Being in the front line against this deadly disease, Sheryl takes prided in her profession as not many are studying the field anymore, and in fact, it was about to be phased out. But this pandemic revived this profession proving how vital they are in saving lives.

The best part of my job is that we are able to increase the quality and the care for people’s lives. We do it through a neb and a kind word at the bedside, by teaching someone how to walk and breathe easier or to cope with chronic illness, and by having the expertise to assist physicians with critical care ventilator patients. Every day is an opportunity…

Sheryl endorsing one of the lip tint brands (photo by Sheryl)

The pandemic may have been a disaster to most people but to some of us, it was a phase for rediscovery as it was for Sheryl, whose popularity grew exponentially after starting to actively posting contents in social media such as Tiktok and Instagram, in April, while stuck at home waiting for her assignment at the Chinese General Hospital. Her captivating beauty, gracing the internet started attracting local brands for promotions and becoming ambassador for several of them. Now an influencer who has more than 13k followers in few months’ time. Now, she wanted to take “influencing” seriously as well as her followers grow more each day by becoming a good example to young Muslims who look up to her.

Sheryl loves taking care of her skin. Her beauty regimen includes regularly exfoliating dead skin cells by using masks, rejuvenating set every three months, miscellar and sunscreen regularly, and washing face every morning and before bedtime.

Sheryl modelling for hijab and accessories brand (Photo by Sheryl)

Her advice for clear skin “ never sleep with make- up on”.

We will take heed on that, Sheryl (wink!) A lot of girls not only look up to you for the things you do, for dedicating and risking your comfort for other people in these times of crisis, yet constantly putting your best face forward.

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