“And with the billions of lines that I have in my mind,
here’s a glimpse of what I feel for you.


my favorite noun and my dream word.”

— Fher Ynieza

Lines from one of Fher’s written poems, taking inspirations from Shakespear; one of her favorite poets.

She can act, write, she is talented, she is intelligent and most of all she is a grateful daughter.

Meet Fher- Ynieza Masahud, also known by her social media moniker “Clarity Fher, is an eloquent and talented 12-grader from Universidad De Zamboanga who loves acting and poetry. As the only child, she has been a dutiful daughter who makes her parents proud every end of school year by bagging home the top honours since elementary.

Acting is one of Fher’s passion. She loves to join competition and performances that involves acting. Being on the stage give her excitement and confidence. She had played numerous roles in school plays, one of which was remarkable her portrayal of Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. If given the chance she would not be shy to appear in films about Supernatural and Suspense, if it doesn’t violate the boundaries of her religion.

Fher looking gorgeous in their university’s uniform (photo by Fher)

She aspires to be a Geologist or Psychiatrist someday, at the same time she would write poems and short stories as a side hobby.

Growing up, she already fancied dressing up and grooming herself. And as seen in her IG feeds, this 17- year old teenager got the magic touch for make-up too. Her lovely face had several endorsements already at such a young age.  And by the way, it was not so long ago when she started to actively made her presence in social media where shares a lovely selfie of herself and shares reviews of beauty products from different brands.

(photo by Fher)

She enjoys advocating for modest fashion as she feels it gives more encouragement to other girls to wear their hijab with pride.

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