How media has influenced us to try the old

2 February 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

It is not something new that the media has influenced us to try the old.

Modest fashion has been in this generation for a very long time, and the corset is here to slay again. Want to achieve the modest fashion course? Try the corset.

Brands like Atalier HersLaha, is revitalising the trend and following the demand of the
consumers too. Many films that we have seen that are trending has an old feeling to it, and modest fashion stylists are loving the period.

Image 1. Gigi Hadid in Balmain; the modern corset with modest fashion feel (Photo courtesy of Be)

How does media always influence us
to wear certain things?

Corsets are here to educate to us
again because of T.V shows that
include the regency era or even the
Victorian era. The Victorian era
would include the female’s waist to
be a lot skinnier, and possibly
making the bones crack, in a way

List all the shows that you have
watched in your streaming service to
find out.

Image 2. Hers Laha Corset with Tribal pattern print

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