How the Formal Headwear can be used like the Headscarf

5 February 2021 by Aviana Hermawan

Hats are like flats when you dance.

Although most of us do not wear flats anymore, it is clear t hat no one wears a hat, but most Muslim women wears hijab like hats, for a number of reasons.

Most Muslim women wear the beanie, it is not a hat, but it is something to cover your hair to protect it from the sun: a hat.

Many, although have argued that beanies are not ‘hijab.’ Why do people get to decide in what Hijab is?

According to Haute Hijab Blog, it may be known as ‘cheating on your faith’ by wearing a beanie as ‘Hijab.’

But when you dance with a beanie, it doesn’t really fall off right?

Image 1: American Journalist Noor Tagouri, in LISNUP

Beanies are more practical, and in this case, Hijab Fashion should be re-introduced as a lifestyle rather than a statement of our faith, most of the time we wear the Hijab for different reasons. There are many ways to be a Muslim woman.

A beanie is kind of a hat that is so flexible to wear, but you do not have to look ‘Muslim.’

Does this say that Hijab means that you do not really have to be visibly Muslim?

This is a great topic for fashioning your identity. Hijab fashion and identity is correlated together and to represent your faith as Islam. More and more people wear a beanie or a hat to disguise as hijab.

Would you dance it off?

Image Courtesy of Haute Hijab

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