15 Ways Gorgeous Ways to Wear the Head Scarf

By Sheikha Abbas

Attention modest ladies! There are myriad of ways to wear the head scarf or head cover or hijab- whatever way you want to call it because covering one’s hair is a form of modesty in various religion. Therefore it is unfair to just call it a hijab because not only Muslims are covering their hair.

We listed down our favourite every-day look. See which one is yours!

1. The Girl Next Door

This hijab look is just a toss over the shoulder. It’s the easiest way to wear you head scarf. No frill style, yet elegant toss- and- go look.

2. The Tichel/ Turban

This style has became one of the favorites of influencers these days. It looks so casual and gathered. Plus you can opt for more styling, such as wearing accessories without worrying about looking too crowded.

3. The Tower

Another turban style head cover with added height. To wear it like this, you need a longer scarf to be able to twist it on top of your head. Hint! Your face will look slimmer this way *wink !*

4. The Tailed- Turban

It’s a turban style but you leave some of the fabric off to dangle behind the neck or to fling it on the side of the shoulder.

5. The Gypsy

This style is also another way to easily wear the head cover with a style. You can do this in less than a minute. Just spread the scarf on your head and tie it behind your neck or beside your ears and off- you- go.

6. The Shayla

This is the classic look we saw on the hijab catalogues in the early 2000- The Shayla, before influencers added variety to the style. The idea of this is to have the full length draped down to cover the bossom. This is one of the easiest way to to wear the head cover as well. You just need to go around the head, exposing the face, and let it drape according to the length you want.

7. The Waterfall

Almost like the Shayla but with pleats arranged and pinned on a base head gear to create a cascading drape. Although a labourous one to work with, this look is very feminine and pays off all the time.

8. The Choker

This is a girl-next-door style but a little kempt. The scarf is wrapped around the neck. If you have a longer neck, this style is good for your. Shorter, narrower and softer scarves are good for this, unless you want those extra fabric to dangle behind.

9. The Bib

This style is easy to distinguish. Another variation of girl-next-door style with the both ends of the tails of the scarf to drop from the neckline, and they are usually cool with bordered/ printed/ decorated edges.

10. The Hoodie

One of the innovative styles that came up recently. The slip- on hoodies that can be worn as head cover. They come in different materials. Some are made with soft, fluid fabrics that cascades easily on top of a base head cap. But sometimes they are made in a way that you don’t need to worry about it.

11. The Hippie

This is anything of the above, worn with a printed bandana.

12. The Spread

Otherwise called the blanket style. It’s a carefree girl- next- door but with a lengthy and wide scarf, pinned together on the base of the chin to hold them together, instantly adds a layered- look to your outfit. Perfect for those who likes to wear jeans because this give that sheer covering without looking too overdone.

13. The Granny

Yes, you read it right! It’s called the granny style; a quick, simple yet very classic and elegant style to try. It is best worn with printed silk scarves. Jackie O and Audrey H used to be seen wearing this look.

14. The Hipster

The hijab revolution started with new styles like this and the internet loved it. It’s a more breezy look because it is worn loosely around the neck, draped freely around the face, giving the wearer a sophisticated and relaxed look.

15. The Rapunzel

It’s a braided or twisted long scarf to create that long hair illusion, just like Rapunzel. Although we don’t know yet if her hair was braided or not but we know its really long (hehe) and this style just want to create a look of similar. Its cute and uber girly!

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