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An introvert, Razwana Yousaf, is admittedly shy but her success in developing her own business and teaching it to others, didn’t coy away. She is an award-winning Business Mentor who was featured in several top channels in UK, with high- profile clients on her name. She founded the Muslim Boss Movement to help others succeed the same way she did.

Let us get to know this amazing woman!

Razwana Yousaf, Business Mentor and Marketing Strategist

1. Please tell as a brief intro about yourself. 

” I am a mum and wife, born and brought up in Scotland UK. After having my kids I always wanted to pursue my own passion and interest of business and I love all things self-development. So I get to work from home and mentor people through either personalised coaching or my programs. “

2. We read about your profession as a Business Mentor and Marketing Strategist for High Integrity bosses,  what is it about? 

“I don’t come from a background of entrepreneurship so I went through many struggles when launching ,y own business.   I went on a journey to learn more and went on to winning a business award, so I then created Muslim Boss Movement, to transfer my knowledge to others, so they don’t have to struggle like I did. “

3. Why do you think business owners need professionals like you?  

“We need representation and motivation from the people that look like us and share the same belief system.  I am a symbol of hope, I am very unapologetic about being a faith -motivated practising Muslimah (muslim woman) in the west.  I don’t have to change myself to fit into the mainstream.  We should have Boss Bravery to forge our own path.”

4. What were/ are your biggest projects so far, if you don’t mind? 

“Still defying stereotypes that a Muslim Woman can be a leader, she can be wear a scarf out of her own choice and be confident also.”

5. Who are your clients? Is it difficult for you as a hijabi to find non- Muslim clients in a country like UK? And  what is the percentage of Muslim and hijabi to be hired for the job/ project? 

“I don’t know what the percentages are, I had worked all my life and that time I was not wearing a hijab, I went on to wearing a hijab after my duas (supplications) were answered and God took me out of anxiety and depression that I fell into for a short period of my life. So I began wearing the hijab after I quit my 9-5 pm.      I didn’t ever have an issue getting hired which is a blessing.

For my online business I did have some advertising agencies that refused to work with a Muslim Brand, so I launched my own agency.   Every obstacle can be overcome.”

6. How long have you been in the business or in this profession? 

” I have started this on and off for the last couple of years. That’s the beauty of being in an online business you can fulfil client contracts and take breaks in between. “

7. What are you advices for business owners, especially start- ups to become successful? 

” In order to become a successful business work with a mentor and use proven processes. Build a team as soon as you can so you can be working on your business and not in your business and become an employee, remain an entrepreneur, the visionary. “

8. What is Muslim Boss Movement about?  

” It’s inspired by the 5 pillars of Islam to have a solid fundamental to your business. So I created 5 pillars teaching, mindset, research, launching, advertising, marketing. I cover what it takes to become profitable in my 5 pillar business framework.   It includes keeping focus, consistency and getting the desired results, and giving back for the greater good. “

The Muslim Boss Movement with founder Razwana Yousaf

9. What was life before you became a business mentor and marketing strategist? 

” It was a 9-5 grind, I was confirming to what a successful salary should be. I was not motivated in my job.  I was not living my passion.  Entrepreneurship is a complete self development, it makes you look from the inside and out.   It has helped me in so many areas of my life and made me a better person.   It also is in alignment with Islam. “

10. Modest fashion is becoming a popular trend, do you think the modest influencers in social media represents you? Or your people? 

” It’s fun, I feel people should be creative and have fun.  The ultimate goal is to enjoy doing what you do, and if you get paid for it then that’s even better.  If Modest fashion really stands to inspire young people to be unapologetically faith motivated and to wear what they want without having to be boring then blend in then yes it represents me.  If it is part of the ‘new feminism’ movement then it doesn’t.  “

11.As a business mentor and marketing strategist, what advice can you give to modest fashion designers for  their brands or those who are yet to develop a brand? 

” Always follow the lean startup model get paid upfront, you don’t need fancy studios, so don’t go out spending a fortune on a studio, instead use what you have and use the outdoors.  Platforms like Shopify make it so easy for people to launch their e-com shops on a low monthly cost so again please don’t spend money on bespoke ecommerce sites.  Make sure you separate and track all your business expenses because creatives get carried away with their passion but they must treat their work as a real business should be.”

12.You are a very stylish and fashionable person with your hijab, please tell us about your fashion staples.  What is Razwana Yousaf’s signature look? 

” Black scarf with a gold or pearl bead – goes with everything! “

13.For a closing statement, what does modesty means to you? 

“Unapologetically Me 💜”


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