What’s more adorable than seeing a pretty fashionable mom and the cute version of herself sharing their cute moments together in Instagram? Zubeida Daniels Ismael and her daughter are just two beautiful souls in your IG stories right now.

Before her little angel came to her life, Zubeida was another attractive South African who came to UAE to work as a teacher. Her fashion choices would have been different then. She was one of those whose IG content meant to influence others about modest fashion. She dresses nicely in fashionable abayas and modest outfits in Dubai. She even had her own abaya line before. Now that she is married, her purpose and focus shifted to becoming a good role model for her daughter and wife to her husband, and fashion is worn not just with flair but with more piety.

“Since having my daughter I think I’ve become a lot more eager to be a positive example although hard at times, it’s a trial in itself, since I have a girl who imitates everything I do, I’ve also become a lot less critical of myself and others since seeing another perspective in life but I think that happens to anyone who experiences a shift in their lives or change.”

Not only that her fashion style became a refined fit for a woman who strived to led a pious life, Zubeida’s social media presence these days gives comfort to expecting mothers and to those who had just given birth, because she is now a certified birth doula.

For those who haven’t come across this word before, doula is referred to as a counselor to pregnant and post-pregnant women. They offer mental, physical and emotional support to women during and after the birth process.

To become a birth doula, one must be an empath as it requires emotional support and compassionate enough to render what it needs. It is one of the most unique professions in the world, and in high- demand. In fact, WHO, requires doulas for every birthing woman. But not everyone can afford a doula.

As a teacher, Zubeida had always been passionate about human relationships. When she was pregnant, Zubeida learned about doulas from the movie “Jane the Virgin”, so she decided to enroll in doula classes and eventually got her certification.  And having gone through the experience of pregnancy and child labour, Zubeida realized it was necessary for her to help other women who go through the same.

“I’ve learned that doing our best is good… I know now, ironically, that women are strong and even stronger when we support each other.

She would be a great doula to have, combining her skills and compassion to providing tips and inspiration on how to stay fashionably fabulous all the way is what every woman needs.

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