Traditions are Tracing back My Heritage

My heritage as an Australian and British Vogue is involved. Why?

17th October 2022 by Aviana Hermawan

It’s British Vogue. But, Vogue Australia does not have to do anything about it.

What has it done to be the way it is? I can speak from my generation that we try to disconnect from tradition because we don’t talk about it often. I go with unpopular ideas.

When movies by Anne Hathaway or The Crown keeps re-making into the old traditional yet the truthful life of characters- then it is real. They say that ‘we are nothing if we’re not following tradition’. Why doesn’t our magazine do anything about it?

The only reason that British Vogue uses the purple cover, is to highlight their abundance in tradition. Personally, I have not seen traditions like my heritage. But, the way Australians do heritage is another story and problem.

A lot of problems are related to how we present tradition. I get questions from all over the world about why I wear the headscarf for example (not like I have experienced it). The simple answer is: “my body doesn’t’ belong to you”. In a very delicate manner. It is tradition to wear the headscarf or be modest.

Image courtesy of British Vogue

Does that mean that my generation lacks identity?

Does that mean that my generation lacks tradition?

Feigning ignorance is what some have experienced in other countries. I don’t want Australia to be like others. Especially when British Vogue honours the monarch like they do: a purple cover. British Vogue has been an influence in all of us. It is their tradition. But we are all following their tradition, not just Australians, but some parts of the world.

The more I have learnt about the passing of the Queen, then I learn more about myself and how Australians are connected to me. My modest fashion is how I am an Australian. There is truth there. The traditions of the Royal family have always been modest fashion. The question is, how do my generation view this tradition? They simply reject it.

Since Melbourne Cup is coming up, and I’ll be attending, there is a huge expectation of modesty and tradition that we, as Australians, should never let go of. Fashion is a part of Australian culture as it is tradition. The rules of Melbourne Cup, according to the website, is to wear a gown up to the ankles. Additionally, a head gear. It would be surprisingly odd if someone is asked if ‘you get too hot’ in what you’re wearing. The real truth is: covering is a way to keep yourself cool.

Long live the next monarch, to the tradition of fashion icons.

images courtesy of British Vogue


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