What is your Fashion Name?

The tick that made you slick your name

18th October 2022 by Aviana Hermawan

A brand that I’ve encountered has the same touch to my style and femininity. My style is evidently with tights and skirts and is very feminine. Unlike other silhouettes.

Of course, I will not mention the brand name. It seems obvious that

anyone who wishes to use my name is dangerous. In fact, a brand that mimics the same style as mine is also dangerous.

Everyone would know that my silhouette is an ‘A’ or a ‘Y’. This is not a

coincidence that the brand uses my colour scheme. At least the brand

tries very hard to be like me. Finally, that’s the definition of fashion.

photo courtesy of Savoir Flaire

When a designer uses the name of someone and uses their style that

turns into their own branding and intellectual property.

It all comes to culture in the fashion industry. Everyone does not mind

when their work is copied. Even if there is intellectual property that is involved. But, when the designer does not own their work, then it is a different story altogether.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

photo courtesy of HM News Australia

In the last five years that I have been in the fashion industry, there is a lot of inspiration that comes from my name. What’s your name like?

There are no hints on the brand that I am targeting that has my name.

The feedback that I may get from others is that there is no constructive criticism for a brand that uses the person’s name. However, that may be the case. But there is no certain ownership.

photo courtesy of Who What Wear

Having studied business for years, it is understandable that many victimize because they don’t have a choice for a ‘good business. Ownership of an idea that you own is a choice of yours.

There’s nothing like an intellectual property lawyer that’s very strict about someone owning your brand. Have you thought about hiring an

intellectual property lawyer if they charge as much?

I don’t hate my name. I really don’t. But, using it as a business and owning my own origin is a different story. This opinion editorial is to emphasize how much we burn people for business.

Everyone knows that my style is feminine and has a particular silhouette.

That’s the definition of fashion? We’ll see. I may be your own inspiration.


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