Australian Model wears a Headscarf

Catherine McNeil’s Modest In-take to Vogue Australia

24th October 2022 by Aviana Hermawan

How does a humble Australian model make a comeback to the fashion world?

We can all confirm to this day that the headscarf is universal. It does not only apply to religious
faiths. We can make it fun. A headscarf on a
woman doesn’t make it any less than who she
is, or maybe a sign of representation of a
particular thing. When looking at these images,
it is evident that the headscarf does not belong
to a faith, more of a personal rather than a
religious decision.

However, what made it the so-called religious, may be, and evidently, if they don’t take the headscarf on and off- but this may be confusing as well for some of you.

We can also confirm that despite what anti-fashion tells us about what the headscarf does to our identity then it could only make us more fashionable as a representation. Isn’t representation confirmation? Confirming that there is a lot to know about styles to wear the scarf. Confirming that we have lost our fashion style through a lack of reading or assuming that our fashion choices are optional. Our fashion choices make us who we are.

Did everyone forget that we all make choices in our fashion sense? What happened to that? We need to remind ourselves that once someone has accused us of slandering people because of our fashion choice, then they have an agenda.

From what I know, Australians are impulsively conservative, and many have commented about that to me when I studied abroad. Hence why I couldn’t fit in with developing countries in a lot of cases. Part of being a ‘conservative’ is knowing what is right or wrong in fashion styling. What does that have to do with a model wearing a headscarf for this opinion editorial?

Our fashion choice dictates who we are and the moment that someone takes that away from us has their own agenda. Let us all think that we do have a choice. No matter how many of them try to say otherwise.

Back to the pandemic of young women who shows off to Instagram that they choose to take off their headscarf as a religious duty. Do we need to show everyone though?


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