Cropped Pants for Men Who Want to Keep it Modest

by Jonquil Dun

Just because you rarely see men posing in magazines and strutting the runways, doesn’t mean modest fashion is only for women. Men look for modest clothing too! However, it is usually hard for them to find one that fits the criteria, especially when looking for outdoor cropped pants. So we prepared a selection for you guys! Here are some modest styles that we found on e-commerce sites such as Amazon that offer stylish fits for modern modest men, with a bonus styling tip from our in-house designer and experts.

Harem No Scarem

This drawstring waist harem pant looks so playful because of its modern twist. It is loosely fitted and falls below the knee to keep you covered even if you squat. The spliced cut detail can help you bend and move easily. It comes in different colors and patterned fabric too.


Notes from Our Expert:

“Harem pants are so comfortable, breathable, and there is so much leg room for mobility and this is why when you look at the history of fashion, some historians attribute the victory of the armies to the type of garments they wore to war. In short, this style not only conquered fashion at that time but also nations.

Just keep in mind, harem pants look good on slim people. If you are a bit stocky or bulky, don’t attempt to wear them as it will add more volume to your body and will make you look short. Be careful in mixing patterns and elements as well. Collared half-buttoned shirts will not match this style. Either you pair it with a tee or a button-down cropped-sleeved shirt. For a smart look, don’t go overboard with prints. A plain shirt to print is a classic combination and looks pulled together. “

Straightforward Gauchos

Gauchos are just straight wide-leg pants and men love it that way. But why not add a little vibe to it? Here’s a gaucho with a minimalist print that will add a vibrant feel to this classic cut. The length falls below the knee and the legs are wide enough for ease of movement. This style is available in many colors and prints.


Notes from Our Expert:

“Gauchos are another classic staple that will never go out of style. They are versatile that can fit any frame; whether you are tall or short, stocky or lanky, young or young-at-heart. The best part is that they are very comfortable to wear.

Pair it with a comfy shirt and sandals for a relaxed summer look. Or put on a pair of Chucks if you want to stroll somewhere. You can wear it with sneakers or sandals. Gauchos are best worn with loose shirts.”

Ready Set Go, Cargo!

There is something macho about the functional features of oversized buttons or extra pockets, crow stitches, and adjustable, convertible lengths of cargo pants. They are durable enough to withstand heavy work in the yards. This one has 8 pockets with a drawstring hemline that you can adjust to a length you want. They come in more than 5 different colors, just check them out on our link.

Notes from Our Expert:

“Cargo pants (for me) are an epitome of a man; the multiple pockets represent his ability to multi-task and his innate drive to provide; the durable textiles they are made of representing his strength; the stitches, his protective nature. It’s the handiest pair of clothing a man must have in his closet.

Another good thing about cargo pants is that they look good on anyone. They look cute on young boys too. However, these pants are too rugged to wear anywhere formal. So keep that in mind. Also, don’t make a fashion faux pas by wearing a long-sleeved button-down with it. Although you can wear a short-sleeved button-down, try to sync similar hues. Don’t wear two bold colors together. Don’t play with prints if you want to elevate your casual look into a neat and expensive one. Otherwise, if these rules are too much, keep the top simple as a T-shirt. “

Wrap-Around The World

Speaking of style, what can be more stylish than these fisherman’s trousers? And oh, they are comfy as well! Just read the reviews on Amazon. This trouser features an extended waist that is folded over a tie which you can adjust according to your size. The crotch is wide so it can wrap around your center front once you tie the knot to your waist. Plus, it has deep side pockets for your keys or wallets. And it’s made from 100% cotton.


Notes from Our Expert:

How boring the world would have been if it only had one culture? Just look around you and you will come across cultures on your path every single day. This makes human interactions interesting, isn’t it? We learn endless stuff from each other such as traditions, music, food, and even fashion. Take these trousers for example. This trouser style is worn by fishermen in Thailand, hence the moniker.

There is so much character in this trouser style, but not for those who like conventional. This is for the eccentric- those who like to stand out in the crowd and wants to be unique. The trouser requires a simple close-to-the-body fit top to show the details on the waist. But if you have a thick mid-section, these pants may not look favorably on you as they will only add more volume to that area. You can pair it with canvas loafers or leather thongs.


What is more versatile than a pair of denim? You can almost wear it on any occasion. This smoke sand-washed denim can make anyone look a size or two leaner because of its slim cut. It has attractive pocket details on both sides. The length is perfect for modest men who don’t want to show their knees out in public.

Note from Our Expert:

Denim is the most versatile staple that should be in our wardrobe no matter our age. Despite the criticisms from environmentalists, it is still one of fashion’s most important textile inventions. They are made to last for years. This actually makes it a sustainable garment (if only we purchase consciously) because you only need to buy one or two good pairs of denim a year for the fact that they don’t deteriorate that easily. Apart from that, the silhouette trends of denim don’t change that often. Take skinny jeans for example. The trend first came out around in the early 200os and it’s still an “in” thing until now. And for men, there is always the classic cut that never goes out of style.

For this particular pair of pants, I like the idea of pocket detail and the smokey effect of the sand wash. It looks modern and young, and neat. It’s perfect with a white tee and any pair of loafers, or sneakers.

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