Enchantingly Fresh and Casual

Young Indonesian Designer Debuts her “New You” in International Virtual Fashion Show

by Kaia Hamoud

It takes a lot of time and preparation to come up with “branding” if you are a new fashion label. Sometimes it takes years to develop an identity. But this young Indonesian designer delivers it in no time!

Nors Studio‘s intro of their virtual fashion show entry for the Philippines’ first International Virtual Modest Fashion Show has escorted all of us into a visual ride to a sky adorned with white clouds, behind it an illuminating powder blue sky that lit every corner of our screens.

The collection is called “New You“, simply put. The brand is telling us how clean and liveable the world will be for her generation and the next if we take responsibility, and care for the planet we live on, now. That we have to abandon the destructive ways of fashion development and change our capitalist mindset when producing clothes.

At such a young mind, the brand Nors Studio is definitely conscious. The brand was put together only in May 2021, just weeks before the fashion show launch in June of the same year. It was founded by the 22- year old Indonesian Hanafiah Noor Esa who was a product of prominent Indonesian fashion schools. The collection debuts her first international fashion show appearance, which right away showcases her brand’s distinct identity which is fresh, casual, modern, and full of youthful vibes.

What put us in awe is how quick the preparation was. Noor, the designer, wasted no time putting together a spectacular show. It was well thought out, from the concept to the final products until the show’s production. The refreshing colors of blue and white, a combination that seemed heavenly come in a beautiful contrast of black and white. And using organic textiles, the brand has, from the start made pure and clear its brand vision and mission.

The designs look simple at first glance but when you examine them closely, the pieces have surprising elements. It is like a yin-yang. It is a mix of masculine and feminine, of old and new. To sum it all up, the sky is bright for this brand and its ingenuity can take its fame up into the clouds.


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